When it’s time to head to work or school each morning, do you find yourself sitting in traffic jams on congested highways and surface streets designed 40 years ago? As roads continue to crowd with cars, your daily commute time will steadily increase, which could cut into your precious time with family and friends. For those who live close to their jobs and schools, E-Lux Electric Bikes offers a solution to this problem. Here are a few reasons why an electric bike is perfect for short-distance commuters.

Utilize Bike Lanes

If you live in a bike-friendly state, you’ve likely sat in traffic while cyclists whiz by in their own dedicated lanes on the side of the road. With an electric model, you can join the ranks of those who use commuter bikes every day, which could drastically increase the speed of your commute.

Save on Gas

How many times do you fill your gas tank during a typical month? Even if you only travel a dozen miles each way, that adds up to 120 miles every week. What if you could eliminate that expense from your monthly budget? An electric bike charges easily overnight in your house, and you can even plug it in while you’re at the office for a completely gasoline-free commute.

Get a Workout

From the time you get up in the morning until you retire for the evening, how much time do you spend sitting? You sit in the car on the way to work only to spend hours seated at your desk until you return home and park on the couch in front of the television. An electric bike can help you increase your activity level if you pedal every so often during your commute.

Electric Bike City Cruiser

While most ebikes make good options for commuting to school or work, including the full E-Lux Electric Bike Lineup, we've designed an electric city cruiser bike specifically for this purpose and these customer's needs. Recently, E-Lux introduced the Monaco and Monaco Step-Thru bikes just for this bike segment. They are lighter weight, have more gears, have an upright seating position and with a Euro styling will certainly turn heads on the daily commute. The Monaco series are a perfect option for those who want to utilize the benefits of an electric bike for their commuting needs.

Change Your Commute Today

If these benefits make you want to become an electric city commuter, take some E-Lux Electric Bikes for a test drive today. To learn more about our different models or arrange a demonstration at your local dealership, call us at 949-440-1967 or use our easy online contact form.

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May 02, 2019 — admin