Getting out the door and heading to work can be a challenge some days, and it only gets harder when you know there is a brutal commute to manage before you’re even on the clock. A great way to change your morning routine for the better is to change how you’re getting from here to there. By riding an electric bike instead of driving you can avoid the gridlock while making a choice which is healthy for you and the environment.

No Traffic

Is there anything worse than running late only to find yourself in bumper-to-bumper traffic? Getting on an electric bike lets you avoid the stress of driving at rush hour. By utilizing bike lanes, you can keep moving while those around you are stuck standing still in their cars, getting you to work in less time.

No Fuel

Driving to work requires burning of gas, and even if you take mass transit to reduce your footprint you’re still catching a ride in a vehicle emitting pollutants. When you bike to work, you don’t need to burn fuel to get around, helping you to keep the air cleaner. If you’re a green-living enthusiast, you simply can’t beat riding a bike to work.

No Parking

Many buildings have conveniently located bike racks near the entrance which means no more circling in the parking lot trying to find a good spot. Simply ride your electronic bike to work and chain it up on the rack. It will be right there waiting for you at the end of the day.

No Sweat

One of the biggest concerns many riders have with biking to work is showing up looking sweaty and unprofessional. This is where an electronic bike is a great alternative to a standard bicycle. The bike provides you with assistance when you ride, so, while you still get a great workout, you don’t have to push yourself quite as hard in your work attire, leaving you fresh and ready to go when you walk through the door.

If you’re ready for a new way to start your day, E-Lux Electric Bikes is there for you. Their bikes are of the highest quality and you’ll know you made the right choice when you’re getting to work quicker while feeling better. Staying active isn’t just great for your physical health; it also improves productivity. Your electric bike isn’t just an investment in a better commute – it’s an investment in your career, as well.

If you have any additional questions on electric bikes or would like to take some E-Lux Electric Bikes for a test drive today give us a call at 949-440-1967. To learn more about our different e-bike models or arrange a demonstration at your local dealership fill out our easy online contact form.

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May 02, 2019 — admin