Friends, as we continue to bring you helpful insights on the electric bike industry and offerings here at the E-Lux Electric Bikes Blog, we recognize there is a wider world out there beyond the intricate details of electric bikes. As such we'll bring you varied but relatable articles from time to time and as we move from summer to autumn we thought this is as good a time as any... The changing of the seasons means different things to different people. Each have their highlights and individual beauty. We like to think that all can be explored and enjoyed on electric bikes. We'll talk more about that in future posts, for now lets be reminded of some of the gifts different seasons bring us. - all the best, E-Lux Bikes.

“I just really love the seasons.” Have you ever heard anyone say this as an explanation of why they live where they do? In response, people often role their eyes. They have heard the phrase one too many times. What does it mean, though, to experience all four seasons? To explore this further, consider the beauty of the changing world around you in each period of time.

Fall Shows Its Colors

Autumn is the time when the leaves change color and then fall from the trees. During this season, people welcome the cool air and the shorter days. As children return to school, life gets back into a predictable rhythm and schedule, but nature unpredictably changes daily. Each morning, the dew has fallen onto different colored leaves: varieties of red, orange, yellow, and even brown. People soak up the last days of sunshine in parks that will soon close many of their outdoor activities.

Winter Arrives

As winter brings cold, dark days and long nights, people retreat into their homes for a warm fire and hot cocoa. Fellowship with friends and family do not stop, though. People band together participating in outdoor and indoor activities to embrace the cold and then seek refuge from it. From skiing and snowshoeing to outdoor movies and bonfires, the beauty of being outside in winter is unmistakable. People meet inside for studying books, talking about life, and sharing meals.

Spring Marches In

With the arrival of spring comes more uncertainty in the outdoor world. When will the freeze thaw? When will the temperature no longer drop below freezing? The answers to these questions are different every year, displaying the fickleness of nature. What you can be sure of is that spring will bring warmer weather and longer days. You may enjoy a day outside seeing the trees regaining their green leaves and the flowers beginning to bloom.

Summer Shines

People look forward to the long warm days of summer for the ease of dressing and the comfort of outdoor temperatures. Festivals are everywhere, and the abundance of activities has everyone outside. People use this time to travel, see family, or experience a new aspect of where they live. One of the best parts of summer, of course, is the delicious ice cream and homemade sweet tea. In nature, summer is the time for gardens, fields, and fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a great time to visit your local farmer’s market or make a trip to one close by.

No matter the season, get outside! Trust E-Lux Electric Bikes to help you discover the beautiful seasons.

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