An electric bike or e-bike gives you extra pedaling power, but still provides the benefits of a regular bike. The main difference between the two bicycle types are that electric bikes allow riders to go for longer distances at faster speeds for a longer period of time. Like with traditional bikes, there are a variety of options available. Here are some things to consider before purchasing your first or next e-bike.

Electric Road / Hybrid Bikes

Whether your road bike showcases its electric motor or attempts to hide it, there are electric bikes for all types of roadies out there. Climbing uphill can be an easier feat especially in lower gears. No longer are you required to put in all the effort. No longer do you have to sit in the commuter line of cars or deal with public transportation to get to your office, home or happy hour. Most can handle the drive to and from work without recharging. The affordability makes these a great choice for those using an electric bike for their daily commute. E-Lux showcases its Monaco Series bike as a stylish and convenient road bike.

Electric Folding Bikes

Bring your electric bike with you wherever you go by simply folding it up. This bike might be an ideal solution for those with small living quarters like apartments or commuters taking their bike into the office. The small compact bike folds neatly while still providing all the benefits of owning an electric bike. E-Lux combines the benefits of a folding bike with a rough and tumble off-road bike with its Sierra Electric Folding Bike.

Electric Fat Tire Bikes

Taking to the road less traveled no longer has to be an arduous task on the body. An electric fat tire bike is made to be all-terrain. The bike’s a great help when crunched for time, looking to have fun and enable you to go anywhere. Check out the E-Lux Tahoe Series for electric fat tire cruisers.

Electric Sport Bikes

When you are ready for extra ummph, extra comfort, and longer rides an electric sport bike is the way to go. These bikes will generally come with bigger motors, bigger batteries, suspension forks, upgraded seats, seat posts, and adjustable goosenecks, better brakes and better gears. E-Lux has just released a series of electric sport bikes with its Tahoe, Newport Sport and Newport Sport Step-Thru.

Electric Beach Cruisers

Do you love the old standby? We do to. Most original electric bikes started out as converted beach cruisers and for good reason. These bike styles are comfortable, easy to ride and stylish. Electric beach cruisers add a ton more fun and versatility by increasing the distance and duration you are able to ride. E-Lux showcases the Newport series for its electric beach cruiser. It's a great ride for a great price.

Electric Utility Bikes

Ready to ditch the car? An electric utility bike might be the solution to your transportation needs. The bike is designed to handle the extra weight load of shopping trips, children or flat-packed furniture. A car is not the only means of getting daily things done.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Full off-road, single track ready, electric mountain bikes are becoming more popular with the extreme crowd. Electric mountain bikes enable riders to go uphill with the same ease they fly down. Typically these are much more specific and higher price points.

No longer is riding an electric motor quite as sacrilege as some might have you believe. Electric bikes have been popular in Europe for quite some time. Come check out the E-Lux Electric Bikes showroom to get a feel for the variety of electric bikes available. One of our knowledgeable staff members can help you find the right electric bike to suit your needs, goals and budget. Give us a call at 949-440-1967 or arrange a demonstration at your local dealership fill out our easy online contact form.

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