Everyone has a season they love to bike in. Some love the thrill of e-biking their fat tires through Winter snow. Others like the warmth and long days of Spring and Summer. While some enjoy that Fall brings cooler weather and feel that is perfect for biking. When you plan to get outside more on your electric bike, any time is a good time of year to do a little bike maintenance, and prepare it for storage if necessary.

Drive Train

Keeping your drive train clean and well-lubed isn’t hard. Use a brush and warm water to brush the grit off the links. Once it is clean and dry, use bike lube (not WD-40) to lubricate the chain. It is also a good idea to adjust and tighten the derailleurs every one to two years.

Bike Tire and Inner Tube

Flat tires require more electrical and human energy to create momentum so take a moment to keep them properly inflated and decrease the workload for you and your bike. You should also check to see that your tire treads aren’t worn, as that will decrease your traction, especially in wet, winter weather. Tires should be replaced about every 2,000 miles.


There are three main types of brakes: rim, mechanical disc and hydraulic brakes. Each type requires cables to be tightened and pads replaced every one or two years. For electric bikes with hydraulic brakes, you should also bleed and replace the fluid about every two years.


Your lithium ion battery adds up to one-third of your bike’s cost, so you want it to last as long as possible, typically three to five years. For optimal performance, keep it cool and don’t store it fully charged. If you are going to store your bike for the winter, keep the battery between 40 and 80 percent charged. When in use it is best for the battery life if you charge it after every one or two rides, rather than letting it discharge completely.


Electric bikes usually have one of three types of motors. The gearless hub motor is attached on the rear wheel of the bike. It uses electromagnets, creates very little friction, and doesn’t require much maintenance. A geared hub motor uses those same electromagnets to turn nylon gears. These can wear out over time. To extend their life, make sure your tires are properly aligned so they don’t throw the gears off and cause unnecessary damage. The third type is a mid-drive motor. Because it is so powerful, it can create a lot of stress on the chain and derailleurs. To increase its longevity, keep your chain clean and your gears tuned, and always start in a low gear before working up to a higher one.

A well-maintained electric bike can bring years of enjoyment and adventure. After all the summer rides, takes some time to clean it up to make sure the adventure will continue. If you don't want to do the maintenance yourself, just stop by the E-Lux Electric Bikes warehouse showroom or at one of our dealers. For little to no cost they'll help you out with any of your electric bike maintenance needs. Give us a call at 949-440-1967 if you have any questions.

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