Whether you're heading out on a cross-country road trip or a short-day trip to some killer mountain trails, you may want to find a way to bring your electric bike along. The best-case scenario may be to put it in your trunk, but not all vehicles can fit a bike in the back, unless you have our Sierra Folding E-Bike. What other products can you use to make sure you always have room for your cycle?

Platform Hitch Racks

If your car, SUV or truck has a hitch, you can easily attach a hitch rack. This product plugs into your receiver, and then is ready to be loaded up with bikes. Most users can load bikes onto this rack by themselves because it is relatively low to the ground. The newer products on the market offer anti-sway technology to ensure your bikes don't move around too much while you're driving down the highway. Some of the racks available can swing out of the way, so you can still get into your trunk space while the product is attached.


Putting your electric bike into a trailer can give you even more hauling space for those cross-country trips. This mode of transportation may be beneficial if you want to haul bikes for the entire family. You may be able to find a special bike rack made for trailers to ensure your cycle doesn't shift too much during the drive.

Roof-Mount Racks

A roof-mount rack carries your bike on the roof. Depending on your vehicle, you may need to purchase aftermarket crossbars to properly attach the rack. The biggest benefit of this carrier is that you don't have to worry about block your rear-window view. However, it can be challenging to load your cycle, especially if you're traveling alone and you may notice extra wind resistance thanks to the bikes on top of your car.

Trunk-Mount Racks

A trunk-mount rack is similar to a platform hitch rack, expect it doesn't require a receiver. This carrier is also one of the most economical choices. Most products can be attached to your vehicle without additional pieces, which means you can use it on your sedan and SUV. This carrying method is easy to use, but may only be able to hold one or two electric bikes. The biggest downfall of this rack is that you may not be able to access your trunk when it is attached to the vehicle.

When you're heading out of town for an adventure, you don't have to leave your electric bike behind. Taking your cycle on a road trip gives you a great way to experience your destination. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can travel with your electric bike from E-Lux Electric Bikes. The team down at E-Lux can provide recommendations on your specific bike and vehicle setup with a simple conversation over the phone. Give us a call at (949) 440-1967 to learn more.

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