Looking for a way to combine exercise and enjoyment? The new E-Lux Tahoe Sport may be the perfect solution. The comfortable, fat-tired ride will keep you relaxed in the seat on adventures, or help you arrive at work without breaking a sweat. With a chillin’ beach-cruiser look, the Tahoe Sport may deceive you into thinking it can’t handle a tough ride, but the durable steel frame and many features make this bike perfect for a quick commute or a ride through rugged terrain.

Available with both a traditional and step-through frame option, this Tahoe Sport available at E-Lux Electric Bikes takes luxury biking to the next level. The Mozo front suspension shock cushions the jostle of the road, but really, the huge tires take most of the bumps for you. They are uniquely designed for a quiet ride. The smooth lines glide across sidewalks and streets so you don’t hear the loud noise often associated with high-profile treads. Also adding to the smoothness of your ride is the Suntour NCX Suspension Seat Post which absorbs the shocks of uneven surfaces. Atop that post is a wide, Serfas Lykra E-Gel Seat, so you’ll be comfortable sitting in the saddle for hours, comfortably upright and within easy reach of the swooped back handlebars.

If you are easing back into exercise, the Tahoe Sport has three settings so you can customize your ride: eco, normal and full power. A relaxed ride through traffic with the power setting will let you arrive at work looking cool and in control, but when you’re ready to burn more calories, using the eco mode and adjusting the five levels of pedal assist allows you to personalize the experience to your fitness desires. The quiet, 750-watt Bafang brushless geared hub motor is wide enough to keep the spokes properly aligned with the gears and will allow your bike to reach speeds up to 28 miles per hour. Equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, this bike can stop safely, even at those high speeds. All this is housed on a sturdy steel frame which encloses many of the wires inside its tubing so they won’t snag while you’re getting on the bike.

This bike isn’t all about commuting or exercise. It comes with several features to improve leisure rides as well. There is, of course, a rack on the back, but this one comes equipped with a stylish bungee cord giving the rider versatility for carrying packages or side packs. The display panel is not only easy to read, it also has a USB port for charging your speakers as you cruise.

The new E-Lux Tahoe Sport merges comfort and exercise, a healthy way to enjoy being outside while sitting on the seat of luxury. Order yours today!

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May 02, 2019 — admin