Unless you grew up in a year-round, bike-rich culture somewhere in Scandinavia, you probably aren’t used to riding your bike in the winter. Or if you're one of our friends in sunny Florida or Southern California, you might not even know what the fuss of cold weather and snow is all about! If you have an e-bike, you might even think winter or snow riding is impossible. However, with a little preparation, winter e-bike riding may become your new favorite outdoor activity. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of the winter season.

Winterize Your Bike

To prepare for slushy roads and wintery conditions, you can apply a preventative anti-rust spray to help protect the spokes and chain. After each ride, clean the salt, sand and gravel from the bike and store it in a dry place. Your bike should be fine in a shed, garage or basement, but see below for additional tips on caring for your battery.

Upgrade Your Tires

To ride in hard-packed snow, ploughed roads or icy conditions, you’ll need studded tires. If you want to ride in softer snow, you could use fat tires. You can see which models fit fat tires at E-Lux Electric Bikes. Some riders may opt for do-it-yourself tire traction by securing zip ties around the tires at set intervals, but studded tires are probably the best way to make sure your bike can handle snow and ice.

Protect the Battery

As with most batteries, your e-bike battery is likely to lose power in the cold. This could shorten your ride time by 10 to 15 percent. Once you’re done riding, it’s a good idea to bring your battery inside. To charge the battery, it will need to be above freezing. Keeping it inside can preserve the life of the battery and make sure it is ready to charge.

Ride With Caution

Riding in the snow can be fun, but make sure you are confident in your riding abilities before setting out. It’s best to start your bike without the motor until you have a feel for the terrain. Add LED lights to your bike so others can see you. As always, adhere to the rules of whichever road you’re on.

Dress Appropriately

Anyone who participates in outdoor winter sports knows that the right gear is crucial. For winter e-biking, some must-haves include synthetic or wool base layers, a waterproof and breathable jacket, gloves, boots, a thin woolen hat that fits underneath your helmet and visibility outerwear.

Once your bike is winterized and you have the right attire, go ahead and hit your favorite e-bike path. Many of these trails are likely to be more deserted in the winter which could make for a peaceful experience. It will be just you, your e-bike and beautiful, glistening, snow-covered nature. We ship nationwide and have a network or dealers so you can test ride a bike in a city near you. Don't let a little snow get in your way of outdoor fun. Make it part of it! Call us today at (949) 440-1967 to order your Elux Electric Bike.

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