It's that time of year. Holidays and gift giving brings happiness and stress. Biking is a healthy and fulfilling hobby which, for many riders, is more than just a past-time, it’s a lifestyle. If there is a special person in your life who loves getting out on two wheels, then a bike-related gift is the way to go. These bike gifts are a great choice for any biking enthusiast and an easy way to fill a stocking or have something wrapped up for a present! They will make your loved one’s rides safer and more enjoyable, whether they’re out for long hauls or simply short morning commutes.

Phone Mount

In the modern world, few people like being fully removed from their cell phones. In addition to their entertainment value as a music player on a long ride, phones are also important emergency options and can be used for GPS, as well. With a handle mount for their phone, your loved one has easy access to their safely-secured phone all ride long. The mount keeps it snug and secure on the handlebars for easy viewing without fear of it falling and getting damaged. We sell a great option with our CruZen Tunes CZ-29 X-Grip Cell Phone Holder. The CruZen X-Grip was designed to provide cyclists with the most secure place to keep their Smartphone while riding. Never again will you worry about your phone falling out of your pocket while CruZen the boardwalk or bombing a hill.

Saddle Pack

Nothing spoils an enjoyable day of biking like a malfunction of the bike leading to it becoming inoperable. While this is annoying in even the best of situations, if you don’t have the right kit to repair it even a small problem can quickly become a disaster. With a saddle pack, everything a biker needs is secured snugly under their seat for quick access when problems arise. A good saddle pack includes not just a space for a reliable multitool, but also replacement tubes and CO2 cartridges to handle flats. We like even bigger packs like the Bikase double pannier which is a great addition to any style electric bike. With 2 large covered saddle bags, this pannier saddle pack secures snug to most standard racks with a shock cord and hook on each side. The center of the pannier has added holes to provide access to adding other bags to the top of the rear rack. This not only holds bike gear, but can hold your picnic, books, work stuff, a change of clothes and more!

Bike Light

Safety comes first and adding a bike light for evening and night riding is a no-brainer. A good bike light will illuminate the road ahead and let others on the roadway or paths see you coming. Lights are a must during the winter. You may start your ride in bright sunshine but the changeable weather could see you suddenly plunged into darkness even in the middle of the day. Also with nights starting earlier and the sun rising later, lights will be a necessity for anybody who decides to commute through the autumn and winter months. At E-Lux we take this safety concern seriously and offer the Cygolite Dash 460 USB Bike Light for sale. It is engineered for cyclists, the sleek Cygolite Dash 460 takes bike lighting to the next level with special day and night features. 8 modes and 460 lumens let you match your light to any condition.

Bike Locks and Chains

Don't let your prized bike have a chance of being stolen! Simple common sense mandates that every bike owner should have a good bike lock and chain. It's a simple way to deter theft and with a high quality chain and lock you usually can rest assured that only the most serious vandals with a good amount of time will have any chance of stealing your bike. At E-Lux we put our trust in the Kyrptonite Keeper 790 Combo Chain. The 'integrated chains' by Kryptonite eliminates critical vulnerability, as the end link design secures the chain to the hardened deadbolt. This additionally increases the security the 7 mm four-sided chain links made from 3T manganese steel offer. In the combo version, your Keeper 790/712 Integrated Chain is combined with a very robust combination lock with an individually adjustable 4-digit code.

Biking Multitools

One of the downsides of riding your bike regularly is that, eventually, it’s going to need repairs and tune-ups. Even the most well-made bikes suffers wear and tear as you ride it and will need to be seen to from time to time to keep it performing at its best. With a biking multitool your loved one gets everything they need to keep their bike operating at peak condition. Whether a tire needs changing or the bike’s chain has malfunctioned and needs to be reset or replaced, a multitool has the biker covered so that they can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

You can’t go wrong with any of these excellent gift options for your loved one this holiday season. Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, a birthday or just because, consider picking up a bike gift for the cyclist in your life. They’re sure to be grateful when they unwrap it and see how much better their next ride is going to be. E-Lux Electric Bikes sells most of bike accessory items from our store and warehouse in Costa Mesa, CA, however just give us a call and we'll ship an order out to you if you're not in the area! (949) 440-1967

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