An electric bike is great for exercising, bonding with friends and enjoying the great outdoors. But what happens when your trusty bike starts to malfunction? Fortunately, E-Lux Electric Bikes are reliable for endeavors galore. Too much love might result in minor repairs that are simple to complete and a great way to spend a weekend. Learn how to get your bike in top condition in a flash in the event of these common mishaps.

Your Bike Is Not Turning On

Bright LED lights and an active display panel is an indicator that you’re ready to jump on your bike and explore. If nothing turns on after a few attempts, the problem might be your battery. It might not be charged or a blown fuse has caused it to stop working.

A quick way to determine if the battery is the culprit is to check its voltage with a volt meter. If the reading is 15V for a 48V battery, for example, then your bike is not getting a sufficient power supply.

Your Bike Is Not Working

If all the lights and displays are working but your bike doesn’t budge, don’t panic. Calmly inspect the wiring at the top of the bike near your brakes to see what’s going on. Sometimes all you need to do is to flip your brake lever to the “off” position to get the juice flowing and resolve the crisis.

Other times a component of the wiring system might be bent and cutting off power. Replace it if necessary. You can also try tracing your wiring all the way down to controller and disconnect them since often the wires only need to be connected to the motor and the throttle.

Your Bike is Jerky or Pulsating

The best rides are smooth so you can feel the power coursing through your bike. Jerks and pulses, however, can make you feel like you’re not in control. If you’re a frequent user of your thumb throttle, check to see if it’s aligned properly. If it feels loose then it may need to be tightened or replaced.

Master the Art of Repair

You don’t need to be a pro to fix common bike issues. Grab a few tools from your bike store and channel your powers of intuition to fix “serious” problems using common sense. You can even fix these while you’re on the go to keep going strong during a cross country trip or marathon. The top-notch construction of E-Lux Electric Bikes don’t fail often, but when one does it is empowering to be the master of your domain and get it in working order in a blink of an eye.

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May 02, 2019 — admin