The E-Lux Tahoe Sport Limited Edition builds upon all the classic attributes that riders love about the original Tahoe Bike models. It transitions effortlessly across a variety of terrains from beach, to road, to trail, so no matter where you want to ride, this bike has got you covered.

Supreme Comfort

This Limited Edition model provides top-notch comfort, speed and stability without missing a beat. The ergonomic design features a Serfas Lykra cushioned gel seat with easy-to-grip handlebars that curve around to meet the rider. This allows riders to relax upright while biking and avoids placing unnecessary strain on the lower back. We've also added a Suntour NCX Suspension Seat Post for extra shock absorbing under the saddle. The large tires add an additional feeling of ease and security to any ride. The Tahoe Limited Edition’s fat tires offer the utmost traction on even the most challenging surfaces, making it a perfect year-round bike. Built-in fenders keep you clean and dry as you ride, while front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide outstanding stopping power. Do not let a little snow or rain keep you indoors. Whether the road is dry, slick or snowy, your bike is ready for an outdoor adventure.

Adaptable Riding Style

The versatility of the Tahoe Limited Edition cannot be underestimated. It boasts improved suspension features including the suspension seat post and a new Mozo front suspension fork with lockout. Moreover, the 8-Speed Shimano Atlus derailleur provides multiple settings for the ultimate smooth ride, especially in hilly or mountainous areas. Even if you are not hitting the trails, an attached carrying rack makes it perfect for everyday tasks such as commuting or carrying groceries. The built-in headlight, taillight, and brakelight keep you safe and visible on the road.

One of the best upgrades the Sport Limited Edition offers is a powerful 750+ Watt motor. This is a huge improvement over the 500-Watt motor on the Tahoe Classic, and you will notice the difference as you zoom along effortlessly at speeds reaching up to 28 mph. There are five available levels of pedal assist and three levels of power output with a manual throttle override option. With 48 volts and 21 amp hours, the battery permits over 50 miles of range on a single charge.

Sleek & Stylish

The joy of biking is about not only feeling good on your ride, but also looking good! Maybe you want your bike to turn heads with shiny cool blue, or perhaps a subdued matte black is more up your alley. With six stunning colors to choose from, you can pick the look that fits your unique personality and style.

If you are searching for an affordable electric bike that lets you commute to work, do some winter off-roading, or traverse the summertime boardwalk, look no further than E-Lux Electric Bikes. The Tahoe Sport Limited Edition offers premium comfort for every type of ride. And the best part, while supplies last, we are offering the Tahoe Sport at $200 off! Give us a call at (949) 440-1967 to order yours or shop online here.

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