Electric bikes are increasingly popular, but there are still a lot of misconceptions about how they work. If you’re interested in getting a bike from E-Lux Electric Bikes, learn more about how they really work and what you can expect from one of these products. Here are some of the most common myths about them, compared with the reality of using electric bikes.

1. E-Bikes Can’t Be Used for Long Rides

Electric bikes typically use powerful lithium ion batteries. These can last for trips up to 50 miles, depending on the steepness of your route and how much you rely on the batteries. If you pedal often and use help from the motor only occasionally, the batteries will last longer. The fast charging time averages 6 hours or less, and lets you quickly recharge the batteries and get back to using the electric capabilities of your bike. Otherwise, you can choose to bike as normal when the batteries run out by simply pedaling.

2. Electric Bikes Do All the Work For You

People tend to assume that the batteries in an electric bike mean that there is no work involved in riding it. In fact, you will still need to pedal when you ride an electric bike, just like any other bicycle. The electric batteries mean that riding is less strenuous, which is especially helpful for biking long distances or under difficult circumstances. The extra push from the motor lets you go faster with less effort and makes biking more efficient. Some people find that the faster speeds from the motor have them biking more than ever before or biking longer distances. You can still get in some great exercise while using your purchase from E-Lux Electric Bikes.

3. Electric Bikes Are Bulky and Hard To Ride

E-bikes look just like normal bicycles, with a few subtle differences. They are very different from motorized scooters or mopeds, and don’t require gas like those vehicles do. Instead, e-bikes have batteries to power the motor tucked away out of sight on the bike’s body. Motors are built into the wheels of the bike, creating a bulkier hub on the bike without adding size anywhere else. Since the wheels spin very fast when the motor is in use, e-bikes have stronger spokes on their wheels to stand up to that torque without breaking. E-bikes actually tend to have very lightweight frames. Using an aluminum alloy or other light material helps batteries last for longer, since extra weight makes the motor work harder and drains the batteries faster.

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