Whether it is the winter, you are taking a trip or you just want to store your e-bike for a little while, knowing the right storage process is important. It can help you to ensure the long-term health of your bike and battery. Plus, it will help you to get more for your money when you buy an E-Lux Electric Bikes e-bike.

1) Clean Your E-Bike Before Storing

First and foremost, make sure you are storing your e-bike when it is clean. You don’t want to take your bike out of storage only to need to clean it then. Plus, dirt, moisture and built-up grime can damage both the electrical components of your bike and the frame.

Ideally, you should hand wash your bike with some water and a sponge. Wipe off any dirt then dry it with a cloth. Finally, make sure to lube the chain to protect it. Turning the pedals can help distribute lube throughout the chain links.

2) Remove the Battery

As you may know, storing your battery is one of the most important parts of preparing your e-bike for long-term storage. Charge the battery to roughly half capacity. Completely drained and completely charged batteries deteriorate faster when stored.

Your battery should be stored separately from the bike. It should be kept at room temperature in a dry place. Don’t just leave your battery in an uninsulated garage. Storing it indoors is typically the best idea.

Never store your battery while plugged into the charger. Additionally, avoid placing the battery anywhere it can get damaged. Tucking it away on an interior shelf is a good option.

3) Store the Bike in a Dry Place

Next, you will need to store the bike itself. Your frame and the mechanical components can rust if exposed to the elements. Most of your bike is more robust than the battery. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be careless when storing it.

Ideally, keep it somewhere cool and dry. If you like somewhere with freezing temperatures, consider avoiding storing it in a detached garage or shed. However, an attached garage or similar storage can be fine.

4) Check Your Bike After Storage

Finally, when you take your bike out of storage, plug the battery back in and give it a good look over. It may be a good idea to tune up your bike with some new brake pads and new lubrication. However, if you cleaned your bike and stored it properly in good condition, this may not be necessary. Make sure to take it for a quick test ride before regular use. You don’t want to realize that something got damaged in storage when you are halfway into a long trip.

Get Your New E-Bike Today

With the above storage tips in mind, you can keep your e-bike in the best possible condition. If you are looking for a new e-bike, check out E-Lux Electric Bikes. We have a large catalog of models to suit every rider. Plus, you can have a free test ride to make sure your bike is right for you.

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May 04, 2021 — admin