If you’ve ever been on public transportation while commuting to work, you’ve probably seen someone with a folding bike. To a lot of people, these seem like novelties that are not really worth the cost or effort. However, using a folding e-bike could completely change the way you commute and otherwise get around. These are five great reasons to buy one.

1) You Can Get Around More Easily

First and foremost, you can use your folding e-bike to get around more easily. On a hot summer day, you won’t be drenched in sweat from walking in the sun on the way to work. Instead, you can be nice and cool riding on your e-bike in powered or pedal-assist mode.

We all commute to and from work every day. No one wants to make the trip any more challenging than it needs to be. Taking an e-bike is an easy solution.

2) You Can Take Them Anywhere

One of the challenges of a conventional bike is that you often can’t bring them on public transportation or indoors. So, you have to decide between biking and taking the bus or train. Additionally, you need a bike rack at work to place your bike.

A folding e-bike simplifies this. You can fold it up and bring it wherever you need to go. Plus, you can take it inside without needing to lock it to a bike rack.

3) They Are Easier To Ride Than You Tink

A lot of people are worried that folding bikes are difficult to ride. They may look a little different than you are used to. However, they offer a surprisingly smooth riding experience.

You can easily pedal a folding e-bike around town. Plus, you can always use the motor for an even easier ride. If the slightly unusual shape is making you think twice, know that there is nothing to worry about. You’ll feel right at home on a folding e-bike.

4) You Can Cut Down Your Commute Time

Who wants to have a longer commute than necessary? No one does! The more time you spend commuting, the less time you can spend doing other things.

Taking an e-bike to work can help you shave some significant time off your commute. This means that you get to work earlier, can leave earlier and will get home earlier. That is a pretty good deal!

5) They Are Great for Exercise

Most people could benefit from getting a little extra exercise. If you work an office job, you are likely sitting in a chair for longer than you would like each day. Riding an e-bike to work is a good way to get some extra exercise.

Plus, with an electric bike, you can choose between pedaling more or getting more assistance from the motor. So, you don’t have to commit to pedaling hard every day if you don’t want to.

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July 14, 2020 — admin