If you are looking to purchase a new bike, look no further than our variety of electric bicycles. The user-friendly styles and eco-friendly options make them a perfect choice for urban cruising. For those who enjoyed the Newport Step-Thru, the newest model takes your riding joy to a new level. Increase your fun and comfort with the Newport Step-Thru Sport Limited Edition from E-Lux Electric Bikes still available at Newport Cruisers.

Added Comfort

Taking the Newport Step-Thru Electric Bike to a new level of comfort, the Newport Sport Step-Thru features an upgraded seat to make riding longer more comfortable. The added fork in the front helps with suspension for a smoother ride. Comfortably grip the handlebars with the adjustable gooseneck, so you have greater control in an easier position for your body build. The tires are larger to provide a stable, smooth ride the full distance. Sit upright while enjoying the sites as you cruise along the boulevard.

Take Charge

The Samsung Lithium Ion Battery lets you travel up to 22mph for 6-7 hours before charging. The range is over 35 miles. The manual thumb throttle override lets you have full control over your ride. Enjoy the 500-Watt motor as you glide easily along the road. Save power with the eco mode or feel the wind through your hair in full power mode. The hydraulic disc brakes let you stop quickly for added safety. With the amazing warranty offered by E-Lux Electric Bicycles, you can enjoy your bike without any worries. A full one-year warranty is followed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Stylish Cruise

With the stylish look of the electric bike, you can further customize your look by choosing the right color. The color matches from the frame through to the chain guard and fenders. The sleek design is easier to mount than the Newport Step-Thru. A perfect ladies silhouette bike with all the features even guys can love. The form and functions of the bike are ideal for any bike enthusiast. The LCD display features classic features such as an odometer, MPH and trip distance. You can easily charge your USB devices right on the bike.

If you have been interested in testing out an electric bike, consider the Newport Step-Thru Sport Limited Edition. Suitable for those between 5’1” and 6’4” and up to 230lbs. Men and women can enjoy the smooth, comfortable ride for hours. Take control of your travel with an environmentally-friendly bike with the added luxuries you expect from modern electric living.

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February 06, 2020 — admin