At first glance, an e-bike seems like cycling without quite as much hard work. Of course, as e-bikers know, riding an electric bicycle can be a great source of exercise. Surprisingly, however, a recent study determined that e-bikes may actually result in riders getting more exercise than standard bikes provide.

The Study

The study, which was published in June 2019 in the Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives journal, examined 10,000 participants in seven European cities. It measured the physical activity levels of both e-bike riders and traditional cyclists. The results were surprisingly contrary to what most people would likely expect.

Researchers found that e-bikers may actually be getting more exercise than their counterparts riding on conventional bicycles. E-bikers had around 10% higher Metabolic Equivalent Task minutes per week than cyclists. This was due principally to the fact that e-bikers take longer trips and are more likely to rely on their bikes for long daily commutes.

Furthermore, the study found that people switching from driving or taking public transportation to using an e-bike gained substantial MET minutes per week. So, while an e-bike may appear to be a lower activity version of a bicycle, it can lead to a fitter lifestyle.

Making the Most of E-Bikes

It is no secret that e-bikes are great for getting around. They can be used both as recreational products and for transportation. Electric bikes can be a great way to get to work or run errands. They fit into city living excellently because they help circumvent traffic and parking problems. Similarly, e-bikes are great for experiencing nature during a day trip.

With this new research showing how useful e-bikes can be for exercise and wellbeing, there are more reasons than ever to buy one. They are also becoming increasingly more affordable compared to even just a few years ago.

This may be an opportunity for more Americans to get more exercise and live healthier lives. Electric bikes are accessible, easy-to-use and ideal for transportation, especially in metropolitan areas. If you currently drive a car for your daily commute, consider a healthier, more environmentally-friendly and more convenient option: an e-bike.

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