For a long time, deliveries have been made with cars, vans and trucks. While some people deliver mail and food on bicycles, this was a minority due to the impracticality of cycling on many routes. However, electric bikes may offer an alternative. With some of the impressive e-bikes on the market, such as our lineup at E-Lux Electric Bikes, delivery people finally have a convenient, fast and eco-friendly option.


One of the great benefits of bikes for delivery is that they can go places that cars and trucks can’t. They can use bike lanes and go on certain paths. Additionally, they don’t have to wait in line every time there is a traffic light or busy intersection. They are much smaller and easier to deal with, making maneuvering simpler.

People on delivery bikes also don’t need to deal with finding somewhere to park. In certain areas, especially cities, even finding a place to temporarily stop can be challenging.

Compared to traditional bikes, e-bikes can often carry more cargo comfortably. Some e-bikes are being fitted with special cargo apparatuses that make them very convenient for delivery. One company is even making small van-like vehicles built on top of electric bikes.


Compared to traditional bikes, e-bikes can reach higher speeds and get to their destinations faster. Better yet, that can be with minimal pedaling by the rider on short trips. Even when the delivery person needs to pedal along, the motor-assist mode can make riding much easier. That is very valuable for long days. Getting around quickly without too much effort is the ideal solution for delivery.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, delivery bikes can skip over traffic and congestion. They can reach their destinations much faster than almost any other delivery alternative when taking short routes. Overall, e-bikes mean that delivery takes less time. That is good for customers, businesses and delivery people.

Environmentally Friendly

The average electric bike can achieve 1000 MPGe (an energy comparison of electric vehicles against gasoline vehicles). In other words, with the equivalent amount of energy, a bike can go 1000 miles to a car’s 30 or fewer. They are extremely efficient, meaning they use fewer energy resources and are kinder to our planet.

Better yet, since they use electric power, e-bikes emit zero emissions. They have the best possible rating for both greenhouse gas emissions and smog. Emissions are a huge problem with our current style of delivery. They are especially bad in dense cities. Switching even a fraction of delivery routes to e-bikes could help us be gentler on the world around us.

For a lot of people and businesses, this is an ethical concern. It can also be a financial one too. That fuel efficiency translates into serious savings on gas.

Get Your E-Bike Today

Whether you are a delivery person or just someone who wants to get around town, an electric bike may be for you. Check out the E-Lux Electric Bikes lineup and try one at one of our authorized locations. Getting an e-bike is the best option for recreational and practical travel in many situations.

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April 15, 2020 — admin