When electric bikes first emerged onto the market, they were viewed as a toy for first adopters and technology geeks, most of whom were relatively young. However, electric bikes have earned their place in the modern world of transportation. Many more people are buying them, including a large number of baby boomers.

Baby Boomers and E-Bikes

The baby boomer generation is made up of people born in the post-World War II baby boom. This is often defined as those born between 1946 and 1964. Meaning that they are turning between 56 and 74 in 2020.

Electric bikes have quickly gained popularity with this group. Many baby boomers are retiring or just looking to enjoy the world around them a little more as they get older. E-bikes are perfect for this. They offer a chance to get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors without needing to still be 20 years old or in perfect shape.

Plus, since many baby boomers are starting to settle into a more relaxed and slower-paced lifestyle of retirement, e-bikes can be a great alternative to driving. They are quick (reaching up to 28 miles per hour) and can go up to 70 miles using the motor in pedal-assisted mode.

Reasons E-Bikes Are Perfect for Retirement Life

Whether you are retired, getting ready to finish work or just looking for a new way to spend your time, an electric bike may be the answer. These are some of the reasons that e-bikes are perfect for people reaching retirement age:

  • They Are Fun: One of the reasons that people look forward to retirement is that it is a chance to relax and enjoy life a little more without the stress of work. Riding a bike can be a lot of fun. Riding an e-bike is even better. Simply taking a few trips around town will quickly show you why buying an e-bike is worth it.
  • They Offer Exercise: Regular exercise is one of the keys to a healthy life. An electric bike can offer a good way to enjoy some rigorous physical activity. With the option to use the motor when you need it, riding an e-bike is a good way to exercise without overdoing it.
  • They Aren’t Overly Taxing: Riding an e-bike is low-impact. Plus, you can go a long way in the pedal-assisted mode without overexerting yourself. It is a perfect balance of exercise without risking a knee injury or getting overly fatigued.
  • They Are a Great Way To Get Around: For similar reasons, e-bikes are a good way to get around. Many people in retirement want a better, more enjoyable way to get around town. Electric bikes are perfect for short- to medium-length trips.
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