For a lot of people, riding an electric bike seems like the perfect form of short- to medium-range travel. However, dealing with a bike when you aren’t riding it can be a sticking point. One option is to try a folding e-bike. These are perfect for a lot of commuting and travel uses. Of course, they aren’t without drawbacks compared to a traditional form factor.

There are a lot of great reasons to consider a folding e-bike. These are the most popular advantages:

  • Space Saving: You can fold up your e-bike and place it in surprisingly small areas. This can be helpful if you live in a smaller home and want to conserve space. It is also great if you need to bring your bike into your workplace and store it.
  • Easy Travel: Getting around with any e-bike is easy. Folding e-bikes offer even more advantages because they can be taken on public transportation. This is often not allowed with a regular-sized bike. Some riders even carry them when necessary. There are so many options with a folding bike. This is the biggest reason that people buy these compact cycles.
  • Less Theft Risk: Electric bike riders sometimes worry about the potential for theft. Fortunately, with a folding bike, you can avoid leaving it in risky situations. Concerned about the bike rack outside your office? No problem; just bring your folding bike inside with you. You can often even bring bikes into stores.
  • Drawbacks
    While there are many great reasons to buy a folding e-bike, there are also a few reasons to consider a regular-sized one. These are some of the most significant drawbacks of owning a folding bike:

  • Bumpier Ride: The smaller wheels mean that the ride will tend to be a little bumpier. If you are on pavement most of the time, this may not be an issue. However, if you expect to take some off-road trails, it is worthwhile keeping this in mind.
  • Slower Speed: The smaller wheels also mean that your folding bike will be a little slower than regular e-bikes. Fortunately, electric bikes are already quite speedy in pedal-assisted mode. So, this is relatively negligible in most cases. However, if you are trying to hit the top possible speed, consider the Malibu GT.
  • Unwanted Attention: Whether this is a benefit of a drawback depends on your perspective. Folding bikes tend to get a lot of attention from people. This is dying down as they become more common, but don’t be surprised if someone asks you about it every so often. If you want to be totally unnoticed, it is best to pick a more typical e-bike.
  • Find the Right E-Bike for You
    If you are sold on the benefits of a folding e-bike, check out the Sierra and the Sierra GT. Alternatively, consider one of E-Lux Electric Bikes’ many other options. We have a great selection of comfortable, high-performing and great-looking e-bikes. If you are interested in learning more before you buy, check out our test ride program. Explore our catalog today and find the perfect e-bike for your needs.

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    November 03, 2020 — admin