Part of the fun of riding an electric bike is finding new routes to explore. It can also be great to return to some of your favorite routes, especially if you haven’t taken them in a while. To help with this, there are a number of apps that make it easier to plan, save, share and discover routes. The following are some of the best apps that you should try.


Strava is a route recording app that lets you either directly record your rides or upload them from exported GPS data. It is a popular app, primarily because of the social tools. It is easy to see what your friends are doing. You can also see some public routes as well as ranked times over popular stretches of road. This is a great way to find new routes that others have tried before you.


As the name suggests, this is a mapping tool for bicyclists. It is available on both iPhone and Android and lets you plan routes, navigate them and even send real-time updates. You can save your routes and return to them later. Plus, you can discover routes in a huge public archive of user-generated routes. This is a great way to not only discover new places to ride but also to get involved with the biking community.


Komoot is an excellent option for people who want to ride their routes with a little more flexibility. It is primarily a navigation app that will help you to find your way. However, it is made especially for biking. It provides data on bike-friendliness, difficulty and fitness requirements for different stretches of roads and trails. Thus, you can take the most efficient route, but also divert if you realize a section may be too difficult for you (or not challenging enough).

Ride With GPS

This is another great route planning and navigation app. It has many of the same features as the above apps but stands out with the minute detail you can use when planning. There are detailed elevation profiles, for example. You can also save routes for later, share real-time updates and publish ride reports. Checking out your friends’ reports is a great way to find new routes.


This is another great navigation app. It is designed to be more comprehensive than some of the other options. In addition to helping you find and track routes, it will also help with achieving your fitness and training goals. You can also share live tracking with friends and family to help everyone find more routes.


This is a little different than the above suggestions. However, simply searching your favorite search engine for local routes can be a great way to find new options. There are tons of resources online, including e-bike and bicycle communities that all have information on where to ride.

Hit the Road Today

With the above apps and tools, you are ready to get started on some new routes with your electric bike. Choose the perfect E-Lux Electric Bikes model for your needs. Then, take it for a test drive to see the great E-Lux experience.

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November 05, 2021 — admin