At the end of 2018, checked out our Tahoe GT (then called the Tahoe Sport). Court Rye gave our bike a glowing review. It’s been a few years since that review, and we have made updates to the model, so we thought it was time to revisit Court’s kind words and take a look at what has changed.

The Review

The top line of Court’s review was that he “love[s] the way this bike looks and feels.” He gave the bike’s design and construction a complete run down before taking it for a ride, along with help from Sam Townsend, owner of the Electric Bicycle Center in Fullerton, CA.

The Tahoe GT is part of our flagship line of bikes. The list price is $2,995 (the same as it was at the time of the review). It features a 750-watt (1,375 peak watt) Dapu brushless geared motor hub and a 48-volt, 21-ampere-hour Samsung/Panasonic lithium-ion battery. The newer models have a slightly higher peak wattage than the 2018 models which peaked at 1,000 watts.

When riding at around 15 miles per hour on a flat surface, the bike can take you about 60 to 70 miles. EBR estimated the minimum range when going all out at about 30 miles. If you use the “eco” mode, you can take the bike an extra 25% to 30% further.

This can all be controlled with a simple display control panel. Court found this display very easy to use, an impression shared by many of our customers. The bike also features fat tires with a street-oriented tread pattern and a high-quality, RST suspension shock. These two features help provide a nice, smooth ride.

What They Loved About the Tahoe GT

Court like a lot of things about the Tahoe GT. These are some of the particular highlights:

  • The overall looks and construction of the bike, particularly the color-matches 100mm fenders and chain cover.
  • The premium suspension, including the NCX suspension seat post and Serfas RX seat for a comfortable ride.
  • The battery capacity (allowing for miles of range and very rare depletion).
  • The lighting setup including the integrated headlights and automatic shutoff.
  • The integrated bike rack with triple bungee and pannier guards.
  • The Dapu motor’s power and performance.
  • New Updates to the Tahoe GT – Better Than Ever

    Of course, while Court had a very good overall impression of the bike, there were a handful of things that he didn’t like. Fortunately, the E-Lux Electric Bikes team has addressed several of these. In addition to changing the name, we have also offered some new options.

    First, Court was disappointed that there was only a high-step frame available. Since his review, we added a stepthru version of the Tahoe GT. He also wanted to see some additional color options. While we still offer the red launch color, we’ve added several colors including black, blue, gunmetal, silver and gloss white.

    Check Out the Tahoe GT

    The Tahoe GT is an excellent bike for commuting, cruising and general electric biking. If you are interested in one, check out our test ride program to give one a spin for yourself. We look forward to many more glowing reviews from happy riders!

    August 03, 2021 — admin