Most e-bike brands are focused on them as personal transport vehicles for commuting, recreation and general mobility. However, one UK-based brand is thinking bigger, a lot bigger. Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited is working on a cargo bike that begins to blur the lines between an e-bike and an electric vehicle.

The EAVan

The company’s new solution doesn’t look like an e-bike at first glance. This is probably because it was engineered from the starting point of a van rather than scaled up from a bike. Nonetheless, it shares the same propulsion system as an e-bike.

The EAVan has a front windshield and an enclosed cargo area. It has a lot of similarities with covered electric carts popular at zoos and amusement parks for staff to get around. Unlike those vehicles, however, this one has pedals.

There is a thumb throttle to control the electric assistance. The EAVan can reach up to three miles per hours under electric power alone. When the rider is pedaling, the vehicle can transport 120 kgs of cargo plus the rider at around 15 miles per hour.

While this is slow compared to traditional vans, it is a reasonable pace in urbanized areas and on business campuses. For short-range cargo movement, the EAVan could be a viable option.

The Power of Electric Bikes

A major driving force behind the launch of the EAVan was the environmental impact of internal combustion engines. Traditional cars, vans and trucks add significant pollution, especially in densely-populated areas. Furthermore, they are highly inefficient in terms of load vs. pollution.

This same concern has been a big factor in the e-bike market. People want to do more to take care of the environment and e-bikes are a great option. The electric assistance allows cyclists to travel around comfortably and with relative ease. People are choosing them as a better option for commuting, recreation and more.

It is unsurprising to see e-bikes emerging in the cargo field. Bicycles have long been used for short-range cargo transportation and delivery. The assistance of electric motors makes cycling with cargo significantly easier and more practical. Perhaps the EAVan will be the new normal in the future.

Get Your E-Bike

While you most likely don’t need a cargo e-bike, having an electric bicycle for your own transportation is a great investment. It can pay off quickly in a lower fuel bill for your car or truck. Check out E-Lux Electric Bikes’ line up of e-bikes. If you have any questions or just want to learn a little more, call (949) 440-1967 to speak with a representative.

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March 17, 2020 — admin