Formerly the Tahoe Sport, the new E-Lux Tahoe GT is the ultimate representation of what an electric bike can be. It combines luxury, power, speed and range for an incredible riding experience. The large frame and comfortable, upright riding position will have you smiling all day as your cruise around on this enjoyable and quick e-bike.

Ultimate Luxury

Although this is a sporty bike, it is not lacking for luxury. Even if you are pushing it to the limit, you’ll enjoy a ride that feels almost removed from the path below. These are some of the key luxury features of the Tahoe GT:

  • 5-Inch VEE Speedster Tires With B Proof Puncture protection
  • NCX Suspension Seat Post
  • Serfas Gel Seat
  • Zoom Front Shock
  • These features combine to offer a quiet, smooth ride that is almost like gliding down the road. This truly is the ultimate in e-bike luxury.

    Ultimate Power

    What is an e-bike without the right powertrain? The 48-volt, 750-watt Dapu Motor and Samsung Battery give riders all the power they need at the tips of their thumbs. No matter what type of terrain is ahead, the Tahoe GT can take it on. From flat roads to sandy dunes, this bike is ready for anything.

    Ultimate Speed

    The Tahoe GT can hit speeds up to 28 miles per hour using pedal assist mode. With a combination of your pedaling power and the bike’s electric motor, the Tahoe GT becomes a serious speed demon.

    With wide tires and big wheels, this bike is especially capable on soft surfaces such as sand. Riders can hit impressive speeds even on these relatively difficult terrains. This is the ultimate bike for beachside fun.

    To handle all that speed and acceleration, the Tahoe GT is equipped with top of the line Tektro Dorado 4 Piston Hydraulic Brakes and a huge 203-millimeter front disc. With a quick squeeze of the brake levers, this bike will show off its major stopping power. The bike is also equipped with safety features such as a headlight, taillight and brake lights.

    Ultimate Range

    That big 48-volt, 21ah battery has an incredible range of up to 70 miles. It has our three-level power adjust feature that lets riders control the amount of acceleration and motor assistance. Eco mode will help the bike achieve its full range. Alternatively, riders can choose to get some extra power to help hit the highest speeds possible.

    Riders who want to get even more range can opt for the 2.8-inch tires instead. These skinnier tires can offer 15-20% more range on road surfaces.

    Ultimate Style

    The beefy Tahoe GT looks right at home on the coast. It is perfect for cruising along the beach or hitting the boardwalk. It is the perfect way to get around at the shore. The Tahoe GT is capable, comfortable and looks great no matter where you go.

    Learn More

    The Tahoe GT can offer any rider “miles of smiles.” It is one of the most popular cruisers in the E-Lux lineup. Check out the product page to learn a little more about this capable bike and order yours today.

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    March 11, 2020 — admin