If you explore the E-Lux Electric Bikes catalog, you may notice that we have a few different tire options. Some of our bikes come with fat tires whereas others have standard-thickness tires. You may wonder whether these are just for looks or whether they have any impact on the riding experience. Understanding bike tires will help you to choose the right bike for you.

The Role of the Tire
Tires provide a few key characteristics to e-bikes (and all wheeled vehicles). The most important job of tires is to increase friction between the wheels and the trail surface. In other words, without a tire, your wheels would simply spin on top of the ground without moving the bike anywhere. With a tire, the increased friction causes the wheel to roll forward instead of spinning.

Additionally, tires have a big impact on the control of the bike. Again, they provide the friction necessary to maneuver. However, in terms of handling, more is not always better (more on that below).

Finally, tires provide some cushioning. They help your bike to ride over bumps and gaps in the trail without getting caught or transferring too much of the unevenness to you. Typically, the more tire between you and the ground, the smoother the ride.

Fat Tires
As you may expect, fat tires have a large contact area between the wheel and the ground. They also have a lot of air in them.

The main advantage of fat tires is that they are very cushioned. So, the riding experience feels more luxurious and comfortable. They also put more rubber on the road, meaning that you will have greater transference of pedaling to forward motion with less slipping or instability.

These tires tend to fair well on uneven surfaces. They are also great for cruising. We offer fat tire options on many of our e-bikes including the Tahoe series and the Sierra series. The Tahoe series can be ordered with 3.5-inch or 2.8-inch tires.

Standard Tires
Some of our other bikes, particularly the Malibu series, are available with standard 2.125-inch tires. These offer less cushioning and stability than fat tires. However, they also have some advantages.

The main benefit of smaller tires is that they are more agile, especially at low speeds. They also can typically achieve greater speeds, especially on pavement. Since they have lower friction, once they are up to speed, they have less force holding them back.

These tires provide a more engaging riding experience. They are great for people who are expecting to be consistently on pavement. Standard tires are also easier to accelerate because they are easier to turn.

Order Today
Both fat tires and standard tires can offer an excellent riding experience for your e-bike. The choice comes down to your preference and requirements.

If you are ready to find the right e-bike for your needs, shop the E-Lux Electric Bikes catalog. If you want to see for yourself how the different tires sizes impact riding experience, consider planning a test ride. When you are ready, place your order and join the electric bike revolution.

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October 05, 2020 — admin