The Tahoe Classic has been a staple of the E-Lux Bikes catalog for some time. It is a beautiful ride, the consistent popularity of which has led to variants including the Tahoe GT and the Tahoe Stepthru. One look at this e-bike and it is easy to see why it has attracted so much attention. Its sleek, classic styling is truly eye-catching. Of course, the real magic is when you get on and ride.

Classic Styling

The design for the Tahoe Classic was inspired by motorcycles of years past. It has stunning, flowing lines and a solid but not over-built frame. The sleek design works perfectly for a fat tire cruiser. You can just sit back and glide along in style. It is enough to make you feel like you are truly riding on a classic, touring motorcycle. This is the perfect look for riding around town.

Available in numerous color options, it is easy to find a Tahoe Classic that is just right for you. Whether you want cool blue or an eye-catching red, you’ll find something to love in our catalog.


E-Lux Bikes are all about comfort. We design out e-bikes with a luxurious upright riding position that is ideal for casual riding. These cruisers won’t just get you where you need to go, they will cradle you on the way. This model is E-Lux comfort at its best.

The Tahoe Classic features a large, cushioned seat and high handlebars for a relaxed sitting position. This is further supported by the four-inch fat tires. These aren’t just for looks. They add extra cushion to your riding experience. You’ll be gliding along, even over the roughest surfaces.

There’s also a cargo rack on the back of the bike. That means you can skip the backpack and ride comfortably while still carrying all of your possessions with you.

Powerful Performance

We put a 48-Volt 500-Watt Bafang motor on the Tahoe Classic. Even if you are taking on hills or riding into the wind, you’ll have plenty of power to keep you moving. This is backed by a 13.4-ampere-hour Samsung battery. We also offer an optional 21-ampere-hour battery with up to 70 miles of range!

One of the great features of the Tahoe Classic is the option to adjust your power delivery. With three levels, you can choose between a fully powered ride, pedal-assist mode and eco mode. The latter will give you an extra 30% range for those long trips.

Riding the Tahoe Classic, you’ll be getting up to top speeds of 24 miles per hour. With our Tektro Auriga E-Comp Hydraulic Brakes, you’ll have all the control you need.

In short, this bike gives you just the right amount of performance blended with ultimate comfort. The Tahoe Classic is the pinnacle of electric cruisers.

Order Yours

Are you ready to ride around town in style? The Tahoe Classic’s sleek looks, ultra-comfortable ride and plentiful performance are just what you need. Discover more about this impressive bike and place your order today. You’ll quickly see why the Tahoe Classic is an e-lux staple: it is electric luxury.

April 02, 2020 — admin