When you buy an electric bike, you likely know that the size of the bike matters for your comfort. It makes sense that the bike should fit your height and overall size. However, you may not realize how much of an impact tire and frame size can have on the riding experience. Understanding this will help you to find the perfect electric bike for your unique needs and riding expectations.

Bike Tire Sizes

Understanding tire sizes is an essential part of owning a bike. Of course, you need to order the right tires (and sometimes inner tubes) for your bike whenever they need to be replaced. However, the decision-making process starts even earlier.

For example, using a fat tire can help make riding more comfortable in a lot of environments. Fatter tires excel on sand (skinny tires are almost unusable) and they are pleasant when cruising around town. Of course, road bike tires and hybrid tires are better for faster speeds. Thus, you will need to think about the type of riding you enjoy to select an appropriate wheel and tire.

Wheel diameter is also important to consider. Smaller wheels tend to be better for off-road use and trick riding. Larger wheels tend to be better for high speeds (up to a point). For example, 29 inches is a common wheel side for road bikes. Furthermore, you will want to choose a wheel size that is appropriate for the stature of the rider. Adult wheels sizes are usually 26 to 29 inches, depending on the intended riding type.

Bike Frame Sizes

Finding a comfortable frame size is also important. Most bikes have a certain amount of adjustment, particularly with the seat. Some also have a small amount of adjustment possible with the handlebars.

Ultimately, frame size is a matter of comfort and convenience. If you are standing over the bike frame with your feet flat on the ground, the top tube should be about one to two inches below the groin. It may be a little lower on more casual types of frames or higher on more speed-oriented frames. Additionally, the saddle is usually higher for road bikes. For a lot of shorter riders or those who like to wear skirts, a stepthru frame can make getting on and off the seat easier.

You can also check that the size of a bike is right simply by riding it. You should be able to comfortably extend your legs when pedaling. If the pedal is too much of a reach at the bottom position, you likely need a smaller frame or lower saddle. If your leg is cramped at the top and noticeably bent at the bottom, you likely need a larger frame or a higher saddle.

Discover More About Finding the Right Electric Bike

At E-Lux Electric Bikes, we want all our customers to find the perfect electric bikes for them. We offer a variety of models with different sizes, shapes and tires. Whether you want a stepthru or a standard frame and a fat tire or a hybrid tire, we have you covered. Check out our catalog today to find the right one for you. Then, check out our educational videos to learn more about electric bikes.

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December 02, 2021 — admin