It’s time to head to work. So, you hop on your trusty electric bike and set out confidently. Then, you remember that there are other e-bikes, bicycles, pedestrians and motorists all commuting at the same time. How do you make sure that you have a safe and pleasant trip to work? The following bicycling etiquette tips will help you commute more easily.

1) Always Be Predictable
Safety is the top priority for commuting (and traveling in general). If you want other people to behave predictably around you, you need to also be predictable. So, follow the rules of the road. Don’t surprise the cars next to you by suddenly shooting across multiple lanes to make a turn.

Always keep yourself as visible as possible. During the day, think about where cars are and try to stay in their lines of sight. Avoid cycling along in someone’s blind spot for too long. At night, make sure you have sufficient reflectors and/or lights to ensure that you are easy to see.

2) Pass Safely
Bikes can squeeze through relatively tight gaps. However, that doesn’t mean that you should try to weave between pedestrians or come shooting out of a gap in traffic. Always look to make sure that the coast is clear before you pass anyone. Additionally, try to give yourself space as you are maneuvering around others on the road.

If you are passing stopped or parked cars, remember that someone could suddenly open a door. They should be checking the mirror first, but that doesn’t matter much when you slam into the open door. Always be vigilant and ready to stop if someone looks like they are going to open a door or otherwise get in your way.

3) Pay Attention
It is tempting to blast some tunes or talk on the phone while you are riding your bike. This isn’t a great idea. Always make sure you can hear background noise around you. Some music is okay as long as you are not going to miss any hazards because of it.

4) Park Considerately
When you are parking your bike at a rack or other anchoring point, remember that others may want to park there. Also, try to avoid blocking pedestrians or traffic in any way. In short, be considerate of how your bike position will affect others when you are stopping.

If possible, park your bike indoors or in a secure area. Unfortunately, publicly accessible bike racks can be attractants for thieves.

5) Be Smart When Stopping
If you come to a stop at a light or stop sign, be patient and wait for the flow of traffic to start in your direction again. Additionally, make sure you are visible. You don’t want to suddenly pop out in front of moving cars.

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October 05, 2020 — admin