People choose to ride electric bikes for all sorts of reasons. They are fun, convenient and cool. Of course, many people are looking to electric-powered vehicles for their potential environmental benefits compared to conventional transportation. However, you may wonder just how eco-friendly electric bikes truly are.

Power Use While Riding

Although electric bikes do use some energy to run, it probably comes as no surprise that this is negligible in comparison to other modes of transportation such as cars, motorbikes and even public transit. The average e-bike gets an estimated 1000 MPGe (a measure of fuel efficiency compared to a gasoline engine). In other words, with the same energy that a typical car could drive 20 to 30 miles, an e-bike can go 1000 miles.

The typical e-bike uses about 36 kilowatt-hours per 100 miles. By comparison, that is less than your fridge likely uses each month. That is very low for any form of transportation.


Electric bikes are zero-emissions vehicles. This means that they produce zero grams of carbon dioxide per 100 miles. They also have received the best possible ratings on greenhouse gases and smog.

The environmental impact of personal vehicle emissions can be very significant. In fact, that is why many governments have pushed the auto industry significantly to cut down their emissions. A simpler answer for many people could be to use an electric bike.


To move around, an electric bike requires less than a tenth of the energy needed by a car. Not only are they more fuel-efficient, but they are also simply using up less energy period. That is good news for the environment.

In comparison to driving a car, riding an e-bike 10 miles saves 500 pounds of carbon emissions in the air. That zero-emissions motor is really doing its work!

E-bikes are also more efficient than typical rail transit. The energy per rider is about six times less than the energy per rider needed to move a train with an average passenger load. While public transit has long been an important factor in protecting the environment, e-bikes and other electric vehicles may offer an even better solution.

Interestingly, the emissions produced by an electric bike may be lower than a regular bike. This is because producing the food you eat causes carbon emissions. Over the course of a year, you will use significantly more calories riding a pedaled bicycle. This leads to the counterintuitive situation that an e-bike can actually have lower emissions.

Get Your Eco-Friendly Rise From E-Lux Electric Bikes

The above information paints a pretty clear picture: electric bikes are eco-friendly. That is part of the reason why they are gaining popularity in the delivery world. The opportunity to be more efficient while still delivering goods is very attractive.

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May 14, 2020 — admin