Recovering from an injury or an operation can be frustrating when transitioning back into an active lifestyle. Taking time off from physical activity may mean the loss of muscle and a change in regular workout routines. However, individuals must be patient when getting active again because doing too much too soon runs the risk of re-injury. As a form of low impact exercise, using an ebike can help with this rehabilitation process.

Recover With Low Impact Exercise

Low impact exercise is different from other types of physical activity because it places less stress on various bones and joints in the body. That is why activities such as swimming, cycling and yoga are often recommended to patients recovering from knee or ankle injuries, as opposed to high impact activities such as running. Low impact exercise gets the blood circulating and increases aerobic capacity without overworking sensitive areas. Individuals new to regular physical activity can start with low impact exercises that build muscle and increase ranges of motion before taking on more intensive workouts.

Mental health also plays an important role in the rehabilitation process. Engaging in low impact exercises stimulates the brain and is a way for individuals to get outside again. Exercising several times a week can increase your self-confidence, and exercising with other people can expand your support network. Consider finding a local bike club or joining a yoga studio to help with the mental and physical components of injury rehabilitation.

Incorporate an eBike Into Your Recovery Regime

Cycling is a popular low impact exercise option, and ebiking combines the benefits of cycling with unique levels of safety and flexibility. Bikers can select different power levels of an ebike, so if a biker begins to feel discomfort in an injured area, simply increase the power level provided by the bike and finish the ride safely. On the other hand, as patients feel stronger, they can decrease the power level of the bike using more pedal power to propel the electric bike. This way the ebike can work with individuals through the entire recovery process.

Electric bikes make it possible for experienced bikers to gradually get on the road again or for inexperienced bikers to learn something new. Riding with an electric bike is also a form of low impact cross training that can be utilized by other athletes, such as runners or ball sport players. Ebikes are a unique way to transition to and then maintain a healthy lifestyle. Talk to your doctor to see if an electric bike is suitable for your recovery process, then try out an ebike at E-Lux Electric Bikes.

July 08, 2019 — admin