It's time to get ready for the summer camping trip you daydreamed about during the winter months! It is natural to feel overwhelmed when planning to live out of a car, tent or RV for a few nights. Whether you are camping your way across the country or driving to the National Park in your home state, there are a few steps you can take in the month leading up to the trip that will leave you feeling excited and prepared.

Make a Meal Plan

Campouts typically mean living without the luxury of a kitchen. This does not mean you need to live off granola bars for a week. During the month leading up to the trip, draft out a meal plan and try out different recipes, such as campfire omelet-in-a-bag. Things to consider when making the list include how many people you are feeding, dietary restrictions and eating conditions. If you plan to spend the day biking, it is wise to pack along dry goods such as trail mix. If you plan to use a cooking heat source, consider investing in a gas-fueled portable stove to decrease dependence on campfires.

Scout Out Recreation Opportunities

Traveling into the great outdoors in a way to reconnect with nature and find some peace away from work. Researching nearby recreation activities is a way to enhance a trip and keep people from getting bored. For example, many parks located near waterbodies have boat or kayak rental options. Camp near a scenic bike trail and bring along your ebike for a healthy afternoon adventure. Researching recreation in advance also helps you prepare for the final piece of advice regarding gear.

Evaluate State of Camping Gear

There are some things that only leave a storage closet for two months a year, and for you, that may include camping gear. Before setting off on the summer vacation, air out the tents and sleeping bags. Evaluate for signs of damage, such as patches of mold or holes due to squirrels, and repair them as needed. When planning the trip, think about the equipment you will need. If you are staying near a scenic coastline, it may be time to invest in an E-Lux Electric Bike and a hitch to transport it.

Campouts are fun adventures for families and groups of friends. Being prepared helps you start a trip feeling relaxed and confident. Taking time in the month leading up to the trip to plan out meals, to list recreation options and to replace and supplement old gear as needed is a strategic way to make this summer’s campout the best one yet.

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March 04, 2020 — admin