Every E-Lux Electric Bikes model delivers big on comfort, performance, and range. However, if you want the best of the best in all these categories, you need to check out our flagship GT bikes. These are designed to be the pinnacle of electric bicycles. If you want the ultimate ride in comfort, power and range, consider the Tahoe GT, Malibu GT or the stepthru variants of each.

The GT Powertrain

The key differentiator of our flagship bikes is their powertrain. GT bikes come equipped with a 750-watt (1375 peak watts) Dapu brushless geared hub motor. This is 250 watts (415 peak watts) greater than the standard motor on the non-GT Tahoe and Malibu bikes.

Additionally, the GT models have a 48V 21-amperehour lithium-ion battery standard. The non-GT models have a 15-amperehour batter, although some can optionally be equipped with the larger battery.

Thanks to these upgrades and a few other tweaks, the GT models can hit a top speed of 28 miles per hour and reach a range of 60-70 miles at 15 miles per hour. In the eco mode, the bikes can handle an additional 25% to 30% range. In other words, you can go a long way with your GT bike.

Tahoe GT

The Tahoe GT is the fat-tire flagship bike from E-Lux Electric Bikes. It features 3.5-inch tires that can easily handle a variety of terrains such as sand and dirt. So, if you are cruising around the sunny California coast, you will have excellent traction no matter where you go.

To ensure the ultimate in comfort, the Tahoe GT has a relaxed, upright riding position. Additionally, it is equipped with an RST front shock, NCX seat post and Serfas gel saddle, all as special extras on the GT model. These combine to help make the Tahoe GT’s ride even smoother than the already comfortable ride of the standard Tahoe.

You can buy the Tahoe GT with either a standard frame or a stepthru frame. The latter is ideal for people who wear skirts, have difficulty swinging a leg over a regular bike or otherwise just want a more relaxed, easy method of mounting their bikes.

Malibu GT

The Malibu GT is our flagship commuter bike. It has contemporary lines and a battery-forward design that help to make it ideal for getting around town. If you want a bike that will get you to work, the store or anywhere else, this is the perfect option.

Like the Tahoe GT, it has GT extras to make it a smooth and comfortable ride. It also features an ultra-smooth sine wave controller for comfort. Additionally, there is a stepthru variant for those who prefer the easier mounting process of a lower frame. This bike is the perfect blend of looks, performance, comfort and range.

Get Your Flagship E-Bike Today

Discover more about the flagship series from E-Lux Electric Bikes today. Whether you choose a Tahoe GT, Malibu GT or the stepthru variant of either, you are going to be really happy with your new bike. Check the out with our free test ride program so you can buy with confidence.

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February 06, 2022 — admin