If you own an electric bike or are thinking about buying one, preparing a repair kit is a good idea. Ideally, you should have some tools at home for handling major repairs. However, you should also have a smaller kit that you can bring with you. This is especially important if you are planning to head out off-road or on a long trip.

1) Wrenches

Get a selection of wrenches that will fit all the major bolts on your bike. For size and weight, consider bringing an adjustable wrench. This is a good way to handle multiple bolt sizes without needing a lot of tools.

You will also likely need some Allen wrenches. These are very common in bike construction. Again, you can make your tool kit a little more convenient by bringing a set of Allen wrenches that are connected to each other rather than separate.

2) Multi-Tool

A multi-tool such as a Swiss army knife can also be very useful. Many have small screwdrivers on them and some other helpful, small tools. Consider getting a multi-tool with a pair of pliers. Again, this can be helpful for the odd repairs in which you don’t have quite the right tool.

The aim of a road repair kit isn’t necessarily to fix the problem once and for all. Instead, your goal should be at least to get home.

3) Tape

In the spirit of emergency repairs, it is also a good idea to bring some tape. A little duct tape and possibly some electrical tape can make a huge difference when you are far from home. If you accidentally damage your bike, slapping a piece of tape on the issue can keep everything in working order until you have the opportunity for a more permanent repair job.

4) Tire Repair

Getting a flat tire out on the trail is not fun. Fortunately, there are plenty of small bike tire repair kits. This could really save your day if you are a long way from home. In a pinch, you can also use some tape to patch the hole.

Consider also bringing a small tire pump. There are miniaturized pumps that you can carry in a relatively small kit. Again, this can be the difference between continuing to ride or having to walk your bike home.

5) Extra Cables

Electric bikes sometimes experience electrical failures. When this happens, it is almost always the result of a damaged cable. Carrying a few extra cables can help you to fix the problem on the road. Alternatively, you may be able to mend any broken wires using some electrical tape. Fortunately, a lot of e-bikes don’t need the motor to be working for them to move. So, in the worst-case scenarios, you can always pedal.

Head Out on Your E-Bike

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July 14, 2020 — admin