The Malibu GT is the second model in our Flagship Line. These bikes represent the best that E-Lux has to offer. They combine an ultra-comfortable ride with impressive performance and unique styling. Anyone who wants to enjoy an e-bike that is as effective on the road as on sand and trails should check out the Malibu GT.

Comfortable Design
The Malibu GT features the extremely comfortable upright riding position that riders love about E-Lux Electric Bikes. This is aimed by a Zoom front shock, NCX suspension seat post and Serfas gel seat. These features help the Malibu GT offer the most comfortable ride imaginable.

Additionally, the tires are 2.125-inch Schwalbe Big Ben tires that include double-layer nylon fabric puncture protection. When you hop on the Malibu GT, you’ll be gliding smoothly down the road. At E-Lux Electric Bikes, we know that most riders want a bike that can get them around comfortably. So, we are committed to creating best-of-breed e-bikes with unmatched comfort features.

Powerful Performance
Of course, people don’t buy e-bikes just because they are comfortable. The Malibu GT can satisfy even the most demanding performance needs. The Malibu GT features a 48-volt, 750-watt Dapu Motor that provides plenty of power and speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. This bike is a toe of fun both on the trail and on the road.

The motor is paired with a 48-volt, 21-ampere-hour Samsung battery. This gives the Malibu GT an impressive maximum range of 70 miles. The bike also features a three-level power adjustment control. This lets riders choose whether they want more power or longer range. The “Eco” mode can extend the range by up to 30%.

Riders don’t have to sacrifice control for that power. The Malibu GT includes Tektro Dorado four-piston hydraulic brakes along with a huge 203-millimeter front disc. That setup provides excellent stopping power, even at top speeds. Furthermore, the bike is equipped with a headlight, taillight and rear brake light. You can always drive confidently knowing that the Malibu GT is safe.

Eye-Catching Styling
The Malibu GT has a battery-forward, cruiser design that is great for commuting and recreation. It is an upgraded version of the standard Malibu. However, it still features the classic but eye-catching looks.

Whether you take this bike out for errands or along some trails, you will feel right at home. It is available in black, red and blue with an option for a red trim on the wheels.

The bike adds practicality to its style and performance with a rear rack for bags and other cargo. The Malibu GT offers a superior balance of everything you need from a bike.

Check Out This E-Bike
The Malibu GT offers the ideal balance between the power and performance of an electric bike and the comfort of a cruiser. This should be on the list of anyone looking for an e-bike that can work for commuting or recreation.

Check out the product details for the Malibu GT. When you want to upgrade to a best-of-breed electric cruiser, place your order.

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June 16, 2020 — admin