More ebikers hit city streets, boardwalks, and mountain trails each year and developers are responding to this positive growth trend. Innovative ideas shape ebike culture and improve bike efficiency and safety. Technological and cultural developments have been catering towards ebikers ever since the ebike trend began, for example in the past with developments in improved battery life and detailed city legislation. Two interesting advances on the ebike scene include foldable electric bike models and an increase in ebike ‘ride sharing’ apps.

Technical Development: Foldable Models

There are electric bikes designed for sandy beaches, gravel trails, and paved streets. Now there is a rise in foldable ebikes. The advantage of a foldable model, such as the Sierra Electric Folding Fat Tire Bike, is how it simplifies packing. A foldable ebike takes up less space and removes the hassle of a bike rack. Commuters also enjoy foldable ebikes because they are easier to handle on buses and trains. Additionally, a foldable ebike is easy to tuck away in winter storage.

Typically, the folding model has a smaller wheel diameter which means the ride may feel different from a standard ebike. Reviews suggest that despite a different appearance and wheel diameter, the model design combines the comfort of an electric bike with an added level of convenience. Further developments in foldable ebikes are lightweight models and bikes with removable batteries.

Cultural Development: Bike Sharing Apps

Bike ride sharing apps have developed even more and can be found all over the globe. Many companies offer city rentals for pedal bikes, but now there is an increase in rental options for electric pedal assist bikes. This showcases how ebikes have become a global phenomenon in urban mobility. Last year, the Uber app introduced a ride sharing option called Jump. Since the release, it has increased in popularity and is one example of the ride sharing apps being developed, with another top bike ride sharing app being Lime-E. Both offer locations in North America and around the globe.

Renting an electric bike with an app has numerous advantages. People who travel globally for work can use an ebike app to feel the pulse of a new city, get in some physical exercise and arrive to work on time without the mad rush of a morning subway. Consider using a ride share app to try out ebike commute in your hometown. If you like the mode of transportation, visit E-Lux Electric Bikes to pick out an electric bike to call your own.

October 31, 2019 — admin