Electric bikes are often viewed more as toys than as a serious option for transportation. The same is true to a lesser extent for standard bicycles. However, riding a bike, especially an electric one, can be an excellent way to get around. The following are five benefits of using e-bikes for transportation that prove that not only are they serious forms of transit but also the best option in many cases.

1. Better for the Environment

Environmental impact is perhaps the single most important question in transportation currently. There is no getting around the fact that driving cars, especially alone, has some very damaging effects. Riding an electric bike is significantly better for the environment. It uses much less energy than a car, even an electric car or hybrid. Plus, electric vehicles produce far lower emissions than internal combustion vehicles, even if the electricity is produced using fossil fuels.

2. Low Cost

Electric bikes are a relatively low-cost option for transportation. While the initial investment is a little more than a regular bicycle, it is much less than a car. Additionally, the ongoing fuel costs are quite low (some places even have free charging). Even when compared to public transportation, the costs of an electric bike across its lifetime are less than buying monthly passes for the same duration.

3. Fast and Convenient

You can get around surprisingly quickly with an electric bike. Many models are able to get up to 28 miles per hour or faster. In an urban or suburban setting, that is more than enough to keep pace with traffic. Plus, you can often take more efficient routes than are possible in a car. Unless you have a long highway trip, your commute will likely be faster on a bike. Furthermore, you can often park your electric bike much more easily than a car. Thus, it is very quick and convenient for commuting and traveling around town.

4. Fun for Fitness

Everyone should work some exercise into their daily routines. With an electric bike as your method of transportation, it is easy to get some more exercise in. When you want to elevate your heart rate a little, simply switch to only pedaling. Alternatively, just dial back the motor assistance. It is easy to tune your ride to your exercise needs. Plus, riding your electric bike can be a lot of fun!

5. Easy To Ride

Compared to a regular bicycle, an electric bike can be very easy to ride. If you want to take it a little more casually, use the motor. If you are getting tired, bump up the pedal assistance. In fact, learning to ride an electric bike is also easier than learning to drive. There is a reason “like riding a bike” refers to a skill that you can return to with ease.

Get Started With a New Electric Bike

The above are just a few of the benefits of using an electric bike as a key mode of transportation. If you want to get started with an e-bike, check out the E-Lux Electric Bikes catalog. You can also take one for a test ride.

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October 04, 2021 — admin