The Malibu Stepthru is a perfect example of the E-Lux Electric Bikes approach to design: a combination of attractive lines, comfortable riding and plentiful performance. In other words, if you are looking for the right electric bike to cruise around town, the Malibu Stepthru should be on your list. Below, learn a little more about why you will love this amazing bike.

Beautiful Malibu Lines With Step-Through Ease
Our Malibu bike has earned a reputation for its delightful blend of classic cruiser and contemporary design. It is a great option if you want to hit the boardwalk or just ride around town.

With the Stepthru variant, you can enjoy the look of a malibu with the ease of a battery-forward, step-through design. For many riders, this is more comfortable for getting on and off (no need to swing your leg over the top). Additionally, it creates a more compact, curvy look that will catch eyes whenever you are out for a ride.

In short, if you want to look great while cruising around town, this is the perfect electric bike. The step-through design even makes it faster for hopping on and off.

A Comfortable Upright Riding Position
E-Lux Electric Bikes is known for offering bikes with upright riding positions. This is more comfortable than the lean-forward design of many other bikes. We believe that people should be able to sit comfortably as they are getting around. Life isn’t always a race, especially when you are cruising along the beach.

Electric bikes can be used for commuting, recreation, travel and much more. For most of these applications, sitting upright and being comfortable makes the most sense. There is no reason to strain your back with drop handles and high seats.

The Performance You Love From E-Lux Bikes
When you hop on a Malibu Stepthru, you will be immediately impressed by the ample performance. These are equipped with 500-watt Dapu brushless geared hub motors and 48-volt 14-ampere-hour Samsung lithium-ion batteries (or an optional 21-ampere-hour battery). Riders can select from three power levels and five pedal assist modes.

You can reach top speeds of up to 25 miles per hour with your Malibu Stepthru. Whether you want to use the motor only, engage pedal-assist mode or pedal like a regular bicycle, this electric bike will get you around town in comfort and style.

The motor is mated to a 9-speed Shimano Atlus drivetrain derailleur. The bike rides on ultraquiet 2.1-inch VEE Speedster tires. You can reach ranges of up to 70 miles with the larger, optional battery.

If you think you want even more juice from your electric bike, consider the Malibu Stepthru GT. This model from our flagship line features a 48-volt, 750-watt motor for extra power. It is the perfect way to get ultimate luxury, power, speed and range.

Order Your Malibu Stepthru Today
The Malibu Stepthru has a lot to offer any rider. Check out all the details today. If you want to give one a try, consider our test ride program. Then, place your order and get ready to cruise around town.

December 08, 2020 — admin