The winter weather is approaching and that means that cycling and e-biking accidents are more likely to happen. If you live in an area with sun and temperate temperatures all year, you don’t need to make many adjustments. However, if you are at a higher altitude or otherwise snowier climate, you should make some adjustments to how you ride. The following tips will help.

1) Get the Right Lane Position
Positioning your bike in the lane is one of the most important elements of staying safe on the road. It can be more challenging to get close to the curb if there is snow or ice on the road. Fortunately, most cars will give you some extra space due to the weather. So, give yourself some room from the curb. Wherever you are riding in the lane, make sure it is away from any snow, ice, slush or debris.

2) Maintain a Loose Posture
You may not expect it, but your posture can have a big impact on your safety. During the winter, it is more likely that you will run into hazards. If you are overly tense, these can quickly lead to a crash. However, maintaining a looser posture will help you to react more safely to any dangers. For example, hitting an ice ridge while tense can cause an accident. It can be easy to get overly tense during the winter if you are nervous and cold. So, actively remind yourself to stay loose.

3) Give Yourself Plenty of Time To Stop
This is probably obvious, but you need more time to stop during the winter. As you already know, snow, water and ice on the road can cause your bike to slide. So, you should always give yourself plenty of space. However, there is another element. When your tires and brakes get cold, they are less grippy. Even if there is no wintery weather in sight, cold temperatures could harm your ability to stop quickly.

4) Avoid Sharp Turns
In a similar vein, try not to make sudden or sharp turns. You will have a lot less control during wintery conditions, so any sudden movement will tend to lead to problems. In the summer months, you can likely shoot around corners on your e-bike. During the winter, it is better to turn at a much more controlled pace.

5) Maintain Your E-Bike
This is not a riding tip, but it is a must-do in the winter. Make sure to maintain your e-bike. Keep it clean, especially the moving parts such as the gears, chain, motor and brakes. Additionally, inspect it periodically to make sure everything seems to be in good working order. Again, you will have less control in the winter. So, you should avoid taking any unnecessary risks.

Find the Right E-Bike for You
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November 03, 2020 — admin