Congratulations on your decision to purchase an Elux bike! You’ll love the smooth, consistent ride and the durability your new bike offers. If you’ve never had an E-bike before, you probably have a lot of questions about how to get one set up and ready to ride. Unpacking the bike and all its parts may seem a little intimidating at first. To make the process as easy as possible so you can start riding right away, here are some tips for unpackaging your Elux bike.

Carefully Open the Packaging

Elux bicycles are packed very well to ensure their safety during transit. You may want to use a box cutter to carefully slice open the tape keeping the shipping box closed. Be careful not to accidentally slice through the packaging inside the box while you’re opening it.

Your bike pieces will be wrapped but you should still be careful that you don’t accidentally cut too far into the packaging and potentially damage your bike. Once you get through the outer packaging, remove all the parts included inside and lay them out in front of you so you can easily see them.

Account for All the Parts

The first thing you’ll want to do when unpackaging your Elux bike is account for all the parts. Compare the parts you receive to the included inventory sheet from Elux Bikes to make sure nothing is missing. If anything is missing, reach out to Elux Bikes right away to get the problem resolved.

Gather the Appropriate Tools

You will need a few tools to assemble your new bike. These include:

  • A pedal wrench (or open-end 15 mm wrench)
  • A 6 mm Allen key
  • A 5 mm Allen key
  • A 4 mm Allen key
  • A T25 Torx
  • Once you have gathered the appropriate tools, you’ll be ready to assemble your new Elux bike.

    Assemble Your Bike

    Using the included instructions, assemble your bicycle. You’ll likely need to assemble the front wheel, pedals, handlebars, seat, and any other extra parts that come with your bike (such as a rear rack, lights, reflectors and mud flaps).

    There are also a few more things you’ll need to do before you can ride your bike, including:

  • Charge the battery per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Pump up the tires to the correct psi
  • Check the brake pads to ensure they’re properly aligned and adjust if necessary
  • Check the wheel spokes to ensure their integrity and true the wheels if necessary
  • Check the alignment and height of the seat and adjust for comfort if necessary
  • Check the brake cable and levers to make sure they are in good condition and functioning properly, or adjust if necessary
  • Check the derailleur for proper positioning or adjust if necessary
  • If you have any doubts about your ability to properly prepare your bicycle for riding, that’s OK! You don’t have to do it yourself. After you have assembled your Elux bike, you may want to take it to a local certified bicycle mechanic to have it looked over and fine-tuned as required. This will help ensure your bike is safe and ready to ride.
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    May 04, 2022 — admin