World Bicycle Day falls on June 3 of this year. It is an occasion that celebrates the joy and health benefits bicycles can provide. Whether you’re a bicycle enthusiast or you haven’t ridden in years, here are some of the top activities you can do to celebrate World Bicycle Day this year.

Discover New Trails

Are you familiar with all the riding trails in your area? If not, why not spend a day discovering new trails near you? There are different apps you can download that show the various bicycle trails in your area. Some trails are intended for road bikes while others are meant for mountain bikes. Just make sure you’re searching for the right types of trails that are appropriate for your specific bike before you head out.

To make trail riding even more fun, consider downloading an app that tracks your route and progress. Each time you ride the same trail, the app will tell you if you’ve gotten any faster. People who are serious about fitness and cycling typically have apps that help them make goals and achieve them.

Bike to Work

If you work relatively close to your home, try cycling to work on World Bicycle Day. Be sure to leave your home early so you have plenty of time to get to work on your bicycle. Bring a backpack with snacks and a change of clothes so you don’t have to spend the day at work in sweaty clothing.

If you’d like to bike to work but don’t think you’re fast enough or fit enough to do it all under your own power, an ebike may be perfect for you. Elux Bikes are ultra-comfortable electric bikes that have a long battery range so you can comfortably commute to work, school or even the local grocery store. An electric bike is nice to have because you can customize the settings to put as much or as little physical effort into your riding as you want.

Plan a Group Ride

Riding a bicycle on your own can be a nice change of pace, but it’s even more enjoyable to ride with others. In honor of World Bicycle Day, you may want to plan a group ride that includes some of your closest friends and family members. Whether you want to ride five miles or 50, make sure the other members of your group are up for the challenge before you plan your route.

Organize a Community Bike Riding Event

If you’re feeling motivated, you can organize a community bike riding event for World Bicycle Day. Choose a starting point and a destination and announce your ride date and time. Decide whether you want the event to be a “no-drop” event or if everyone can go at their own pace. Then market your event and prepare for the big day!

Upgrade Your Current Bike

Is your current bike a challenge to ride? If your bike is old, the wrong size or simply isn’t sufficient for your riding needs anymore, consider upgrading to an Elux Bike. These bikes have a reputation for comfort and reliability and will serve you well for years to come.

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May 31, 2022 — admin