If you have ever considered buying an electric bike, you have likely seen that nearly all of them come with pedal assist. This riding mode can be a great way to get more from your electric bike. However, a lot of potential first-time buyers aren’t sure what it actually means. The following information will help you understand pedal assist and how it makes E-Lux Electric Bikes even better.

What Is It?

As you likely know, you can pedal an electric bike like a standard bicycle. You can also use the electric motor to power the wheels for you. Pedal assist mode is essentially just a combination of these two types of riding. The electric motor provides some power to the wheels to help you go faster and further. However, you also pedal simultaneously. Many riders say this feels a little like being pushed forward while also pedaling.

What Are the Benefits?

The advantages of using pedal assist mode are significant. It helps you get more of what makes an electric bike great.

Compared to pedaling normally, this mode gives you a boost. You don’t have to use as much energy to pedal. Therefore, you can ride further without getting as tired. It is ideal for commuting, going to a store or exploring some new trails. If you ever have to take on a steep hill, the benefits of pedal assist are immediately obvious.

Conversely, relative to throttle mode, pedal assist uses less power. You are providing some of the forward thrust by pedaling. Therefore, the battery isn’t expending as much juice to keep the bike moving.

Pedal assist mode is usually the fastest that an electric bike can travel. This makes it ideal for commuters who may want to beat the traffic. It is also great for anyone who is in a rush. When you need to get to the store before it closes or are late for school, pedal assist mode can get you there faster.

Why Are There Multiple Levels?

E-Lux Electric Bikes are all equipped with multiple pedal assist levels. There are five pedal assist levels and three power levels.

The pedal assist levels impact the top speed that your bike can reach in pedal assist mode. The higher the level, the faster the pedal assistance will go. On our GT models, you can reach up to 28 miles per hour on the top level.

The power level impacts the acceleration. So, you will feel a firmer push when you are using the motor. With these options, you have more control over how your bike uses its power. You can decide to ride around in the most economical option, getting more range, or you can ride in the most powerful option, getting more power. There are lots of choices to customize your riding experience.

Go Faster and Further With E-Lux Electric Bikes

Discover the benefits of pedal assist mode for yourself. Explore the E-Lux Electric Bikes catalog today. If you want to experience them first-hand, use our test ride program. Our bikes offer the ultimate combination of comfort, style and performance.

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March 03, 2021 — admin