Are you thinking about buying an electric bike? Great choice! E-bikes are fun, practical and environmentally friendly. However, when you check out the E-Lux Electric Bikes store, you may be unsure which model to choose. There are several styles, each with several variants. The following information will help you pick the right e-bike for your needs.

Three Main Styles at E-Lux Electric Bikes

There are three major styles of bikes available in the E-Lux Electric Bikes store. While each of them can be used in almost all environments, they each have strengths.

  • Cruiser/Commuter: This hybrid style of bike has classic lines and eye-catching looks. The wheels are perfect for going anywhere. They are not too wide for the street while also being thick enough for trails. If you are looking for something that is perfect for getting to work or just relaxing around town, our Malibu bikes are perfect.
  • Fat Tire: These bikes have extra-wide tires. They are super comfortable to ride and extra fun. People love these for cruising. They are particularly great for low-traction environments such as beaches. Our Tahoe bikes are great if you want to enjoy this style of bike.
  • Folding: When you need the most compact package possible, you can’t go wrong with a folding e-bike. These bikes have a hinge in the central section that lets you fold your bike into a convenient shape. People love these for riding public transportation. Our Sierra GT is the go-to for folding e-bikes.
  • Traditional Vs. Stepthru

    In addition to choosing a style, you can also select between a traditional and stepthru frame. Both options are great, and the choice comes down to personal preference. Having a stepthru means that you don’t have to swing your leg as high to get on. It can also be great for clothing that hangs low such as skirts and certain jogging pants.

    GT Series

    When you want some extra performance, you need to check out the E-Lux Electric Bikes GT series. These are variants of our bikes with upgraded powertrains. They can take you faster and further. People love the Malibu GT for commuting, for example, because it makes getting to work that much faster. With the larger battery, our bikes can go up to 70 miles in pedal-assisted mode.

    How To Choose

    The choice between all these styles and variants comes down to your unique needs and preferences. If you are going to be using your e-bike for travel mostly, consider a commuter. If you want to just have some fun, the fat tire series may be right for you. For taking your bike on the bus or subway, go for the folding series.

    Plus, you can pick which frame style you want and whether you need the GT powertrain. In short, just consider how you will use your e-bike and let that guide you. Plus, our staff is happy to help you choose.

    Order Your E-Bike Today

    Are you ready for your electric bike adventures? Select the right E-Lux Electric Bikes model for you. Alternatively, schedule a test ride to get started.

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    December 28, 2020 — admin