If you’ve ever ridden a bike, you’ve probably noticed how most bikes are not designed to be particularly comfortable. Many bike seats are too narrow and too hard to adequately support most riders’ needs. Fortunately, the E-Lux GT electric bike is setting out to make bike riding a more enjoyable and comfortable pastime. If you’re tired of feeling like you’re taking a ride on a 2 x 4 every time you ride your bicycle, here’s what you should know about E-Lux GT electric bikes and why they’re the most comfortable bikes in the world.

Luxurious Gel Seat

Most bicycle seats feel like they’re infused with cement, but not the E-Lux GT electric bicycle seats. These seats are made with luxurious gel that provides approximately 1 inch of cushion for your derriere. It’s the best seat on the market in terms of comfort and quality.

Soft and Wide Rubber Grips

Many bicycle handles are situated in an unnatural way that puts too much pressure on the rider’s hands, wrists and shoulders. E-Lux GT electric bikes are designed with wide handles that are fitted with soft rubber grips. The rubber grips reduce road vibrations and the position of the handles allows you to sit comfortably on your bike while easily maintaining optimal control over the bike.

Zoom Front Suspension Forks

Another feature that helps improve rider comfort on the E-Lux GT electric bike is the zoom front suspension forks. The forks add to your comfort and safety as a rider by absorbing bumps and vibrations at high speeds.

High-Powered Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Many bikes require you to grip the brake controls very tightly with your hands to slow down or stop the bike. E-Lux GT electric bikes are designed with high-powered hydraulic disc brakes that respond to light pressure. This means that when you want to stop, you can do so without feeling like you have to put an excessive amount of pressure on the brake controls. Being able to stop more easily and quickly is not only easier on your body, but it also helps you stay safe while riding your bike.

Pedal Forward Option

One feature for which E-Lux GT electric bikes are known is the pedal forward option. This option allows you to easily stretch your legs out and touch the ground without any difficulty due to the way the pedals are situated. Many people appreciate this option and how it relieves stress on their knees and back while they’re riding.

Various Pedal Assist Levels

Sometimes you may want to pedal your bike entirely on your own. On other days, you may want your bike to do most of the work for you. With the E-Lux GT electrical bicycles, you have five different pedal assist options to allow you to set your preferred level of assistance with ease.

Start Riding in Comfort Today

If you’ve always thought riding a bike was uncomfortable, think again. Investing in an E-Lux GT electric bike is the best decision you’ll ever make for your riding comfort. Go for a test ride today and see for yourself how luxurious an electric bicycle can look and feel.

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April 05, 2022 — admin