Domino’s Pizza plans to begin using e-bikes to improve delivery times in high-traffic areas. The pizza chain announced this initiative following a test in New York, Houston and Miami earlier in the year. This plan by Domino’s further highlights the utility and value of electric bikes. The next time you order a pizza, it may come to you courtesy of an e-biker.

The Origins of the Initiative

This initiative by Domino’s is a lot more than a way to make headlines. It began due to stiff competition from third-party delivery companies such as Grub Hub and Uber Eats. These services have made it harder for Domino’s to stay competitive in the food delivery space.

One of the challenges faced by Domino’s stores is that their delivery cars get stuck in traffic, leading to slowed delivery times. Additionally, there are many young people who would be interested in working delivery jobs but lack a driver’s license to do so. This means there is an untapped pool of talent that Domino’s is missing.

The E-Bike Solution

According to Domino’s, the United States is one of the few markets globally that relies almost entirely on car-based delivery. In fact, delivery via bicycle is very common in many countries and is sometimes even the norm.

Electric Bikes offer a solution to many of Domino’s delivery troubles. They are more energy-efficient than a traditional bicycle but can skip the urban congestion. They also can take routes that cars are not able to. The result in the initial test markets was an improvement in delivery times and service.

Furthermore, many young people who do not have drivers’ licenses can rides e-bikes. This opens up a new pool for stores to hire delivery people from.

Domino’s is using custom made e-bikes to run their delivery service. These feature a cargo area that can carry up to 12 large pizzas as well as other items. With a top assisted speed of 20 miles per hour, they can easily keep pace with cars in urban areas. E-bikes can often even outpace cars due to their traffic-avoiding capabilities.

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November 14, 2019 — admin