Thinking about an e-bike? Know this first about Cadence Style Pedal Assist.

You can power an E-bike three ways the old-fashioned way with pedals, all EBikes have pedals. A Throttle. Thumb Throttles are best. And with Pedal Assist. Pedal Assist came from the European market where Throttles were banned.

Some E-bikes have Throttles, some have Pedal Assist, and some have both, so you should get one with both. Now there are two types of Pedal Assist. One with a Torque Sensor and one with a Cadence Sensor. I prefer Cadence Style Pedal Assist.

Cadence Style Pedal Assist is the most common in the marketplace. It has a sensor on the cranks that sends power to the motor. When you start pedaling it sends power. When you stop pedaling, the power stops.

With a Throttle, you can give the bike a little juice or a lot of juice. On the other hand, with Cadence Style Pedal Assist the power is either on or off. So most manufacturers create different power levels.

Most manufacturers use similar levels for each setting. With ours, Level 1 accelerates up to about 6 MPH. Level 2 up to about 10 MPH. Level 3 to 15 MPH and so on up to Level 5.

And the great thing about Cadence Style Pedal Assist is that wherever you are on the bike, be it cruising the boardwalk or commuting at full speed, it's just like cruise control. You just pedal and you don't have to worry about anything else.

December 15, 2023 — JP Blake