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Affordable luxury e-bikes, fully loaded with style and comfort. Why ride anything less? 

E-bike shopping is confusing -
but knowledge is power.

Before you buy an e-bike from any company, there are some things you should know. The truth is that cheap e-bikes offered online can sometimes come at the high cost of faulty batteries, uncomfortable seating positions, and shorter e-bike lifespans. Get smarter before you buy.

E-Lux E-Bikes include all the necessary luxuries.

No need to upgrade your E-Lux e-bike because each of our products is loaded with quality components. Brake lights and headlights for added safety. Aluminum fenders to keep you dry. Independent throttles, pedal assist, and launch control with settings for maximum power or eco mode to soften up the acceleration and add range.

Comfort First

Our bikes have pedal forward riding positions, swept back handlebars, and oversized gel seats for upright seating and maximum comfort on longer rides.

Battery Quality

Our batteries are the best in the business. We use Samsung or Panasonic exclusively. Check out the 5-year warranty on our battery’s cells!

Stellar Support

Our California offices are open 6 days a week, which is how often we answer our phones to help with sales, service, and parts. Call (949)-440-1967 and we’ll answer.

Ready to get back on the bike? It’s easy.

Test ride local or go direct

Stop in one of our 58 dealers nationwide or buy direct from our headquarters.

Stop in or shop online

Stop in at a dealer or, if you buy online, you can try our e-bike for 14 days, risk-free.

Enjoy zero finance

Our zero interest financing gives you zero reasons not to ride.

We sweat the details

E-LUX Electric Bikes, founded in 2014, is the culmination of years of relentless refinement and innovation. This led to ultimately realizing a vision of creating the world’s most comfortable electric bikes.

What our customers say.

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“In my opinion, the new GT is the premier bike in the electric bike industry. Couple that with E-LUX’s great service and you have an unbeatable combination.”
— Gay Cooper
“I bought the Tahoe Elux couple weeks ago and I love it! I feel like I'm riding on a cloud compared to other bikes I tried. The front suspension and the seat suspension make a big difference. I can't wait till my wife's bike comes in. I have a AMG Mercedes and this is the AMG for electric bikes. Thank you Elux for making such a great bike.”
— Dave Peltier
“We love E-LUX!!! We bought two Sierra GT bikes from them and their service was impeccable. I did a TON of research before buying and they had the best bike for the buck. The bikes have held up very well over this past year and we love them! I strongly recommend this company!”
— Josh Hollingsworth