Binge Watch These Videos To Learn All About Ebikes!

In this video series, CEO, E-Lux Electric Bike's Co-Founder and industry insider, JP Blake, shares all the secrets, tips, and things you should know when you're looking to buy an ebike or get the most out of the electric bike you already own!

Watch the series, in order, by clicking the video below or clicking the hamburger menu in the video player to choose the video you'd like to view. They are quick, being only about a minute each, and you'll get tons of answers to the most frequent questions we see regarding ebikes. If you're looking for something specific, click on one of the links below the main video for insights about the top queries we see.


Ebike Tips, Advice, and Knowledge Videos

JP enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience from a decade in the business to help educate you and others about Electric Bikes.


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Throttle, Pedal Assist, or Both?

Pedal Assist Advantages

Pedal Assist Cadence Sensors

Pedal Assist Torque Sensors

Avoiding Wrist Pain - Thumb Throttle Advantages