Who We Are


Our purpose at E-Lux is to create e-bikes with the comfort, safety, and stability our customers need to get them outside in the sunshine, more often and for longer rides. Giving them the power to be in control to power up, take that hill, push into the wind, and go the distance.


E-Lux Electric Bikes was formed in 2014 on the Southern California coast by e-bike mechanical wiz, Jerry Bridgeman, and entrepreneurs, J.P. Blake, and Josh Blake. Now headquartered in Fountain Valley, CA, this American owned and operated electric bike designer and manufacturer has succeeded in its mission to make an exclusive line of stylish electric bikes that are the most comfortable e-bikes in the world.


Some e-bike companies try to emulate radical off-road motorcycles or make electric versions of lighter racing bikes, but at E-Lux we always seek first and foremost to design e-bikes that are more comfortable to ride. This relentless design philosophy continues to set our brand in motion.

It all started with our first bike – The Tahoe. E-Lux main designer and engineer, Jerry Bridgeman designed this philosophy into the Tahoe from the start. “I like it because it’s just a bigger bike.” he said. “The bigger tires make it easy to ride. More rubber means more stopping power. The big tires are also great shock absorbers, they easily clear any cracks in the road.” From that first bike to the entire line over a decade later, we continue to never be satisfied, always improving with every design.