Thinking about e-bikes. Know these Pedal Assist advantages before you buy.

By now you probably know there are three ways to pedal an e-bike. The old-fashioned way with your legs. A Throttle. You'll want a Thumb Throttle. And last with Pedal Assist. Pedal Assist came from Europe where Throttles were banned.

Some E-bikes have Throttles, Some have Pedal Assist, and some have both. Make sure you get a bike with both.

While Throttles are fun, Pedal Assist can add convenience to your ride. Kind of like cruise control in your car. I love to use Pedal Assist when I'm on the bike trail across the Newport Bay. If I want to cruise I just set it on level one and as long as I'm pedaling the bike holds steady at seven miles an hour. If I'm on my way home and I wanna step it up and really boogie, I set it to level five and it holds steady at 28 miles an hour. The beauty is that I don't have to hold the Throttle at all, and that's great.

I just give it a little juice with the Throttle to get up to speed and let Pedal Assist do the rest. But don't forget Throttles have their advantages too.

December 15, 2023 — JP Blake