Thinking about an E-bike? Here's three ways to power an e-bike that some manufacturers don't want you to know.

First, the old-fashioned way with your legs. You may have heard people say you don't get exercise with an e-bike, but that's not true. All e-bikes have pedals and you're gonna wanna pedal it. So get one that has good gears in the proper riding position for fun.

Don't get a bike with pedals directly below your seat. You want them a little forward so they're easy to pedal. And don't get a bike with just one gear. You need several and the right one’s too, so you don't look like the wicked witch of the west when you're pedaling at full speed.

Second, you want a Throttle, like a motorcycle. You need one for instant access to the power, whether you're on the side of a hill or trying to avoid somebody coming over into your lane and make it a Thumb Throttle.

Third, you want Pedal Assist. Pedal and it sends power to the motor. When you stop pedaling it, stop sending power. If you're cruising the boardwalk are commuting to work, it's like cruise control. Some bikes have a Throttle, some bikes have Pedal Assist and some have both. Make sure you get a. Both. And here's a pro tip. You want a Throttle that's not limited by the Pedal Assist settings. So remember, get a bike that's pedal forward with the proper gears, a Thumb Throttle, and Pedal Assist.

December 14, 2023 — JP Blake