Are you sick of high gas prices? Here's how far you can go on an e-bike for a gallon of gas. At five bucks a gallon, you'll get about 20 miles in a car these days. But how does that convert to an e-bike?

Well first let's say gas is at five bucks.

Then we know the range of a high quality 48 volt 20AH battery with Samsung cells is about 50 miles conservatively.

Now we multiply the battery voltage times the amp hours to get the battery watt-hours. 48 times 20 is close to a thousand-watt hours or one kilowatt. And the local cost per kilowatt hour in Southern California is at 34 cents right now.

So 34 cents to charge a battery that goes 50 miles.

We divide $5 by 34 to learn we can charge the battery 14.7 times.

14.7 charges times 50 miles equals 735.

So an E-bike goes 735 miles for the same price as a gallon of gas!

Plus the E-bikes are more fun, easier to park, and don't put out any smog!

So you should ride an e-bike!

December 15, 2023 — JP Blake